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Lahore/ Pakistan


Lahore/ Pakistan

I am a Pakistani Girl, So yeah i am asian girl :D

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Nickname: Sin.
Age: 19.
Gender: Female.
Location: Lahore City, Pakistan.

How i came in the J/K-Dramas World:

Umm, i think i start watching with  "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" which i watched on December 2012 and it was quiet good, after a month i watched J-Drama called "LIFE" and after it i am totally in Love with J/K-Dramas and start addicting towards Series :D now i am planing to watch more <(^_^)>

About Me:
I completed my school with science subjects, then i studied ICS which is stands for "Inter with computer sciences"
and now i am doing a Beautician course (no i am not going to open my own salon) its just i wanted to learn how to do make up, doing hair cutting etc.. Next i'll go to the university "INSHALLAH" (means it'll surely happen with the grace of GOD)

What i like to do:
listening music, sketching, making new friends :D, watching anime/dramas, reading manga/fan fiction and yeah playing Guitar ;)

What i don't like to do:
its must be cooking --__-- *pfft* YEAH

~If you want to know about me more then feel free to ASK :D


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