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(Kamen Rider Kuuga) Theme is Dark, it shows Kuuga evolving into a Rider and Ultimately didn't become what he was supposed to become and went on a journey to recover his smile. which is sad because he was such a happy go luck guy.

(Kamen Rider Ryuki)If you are looking for a Dark Drama with Mature Theme and you like to sob your little fangirl or fanboy hearts out, then this is for you my friends! I like it because it shows us all the dark side to us all with wanted to have a chance to fulfill a wish for a loved one or what have all the while you are fighting others and your inner self for the Final Wish at the end on that long and hard journey. The Finale will clearly satisfy those that truly love and stuck through the whole series! I liked it eventhough I shed some tears in the latter episodes.
Recommended by Mystearica81 - May 21, 2014