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Ive been watching dramas for almost six years now and they have almost taken over my life :)

I mostly watch kdramas with the odd cdrama or tdrama. I am trying to get into J-dramas so if you have any recommendations let me know!!!!

Who do I listen to ? LITERALLY EVERYONE but some of my faves are exo, bts, btob, noir, suju, dbsk, snsd, iu, dean, loco, jay park, hoody, infinite, monstax etc

As for nonkorean music I listen to a lot of rappers like kris wu, higher brothers, rich brian, year of the ox, dumbdoundead, and a lot of 70-90's music!

My rating system: I haven't rated many of the dramas I've seen but I will try to!! 

I only rate dramas that really left an impact on me whether good or bad

10- perfection. everyone should watch this. on my faves list

9- really good! probably got a 9 because I had it on hold at one point

8- pretty good, would recommend if you really need a drama to watch

7- decent, I finished it but begrudgingly 

I don't rate anything less than that because if it is lower than a 7 I probably have it on hold or have dropped it

my anime list <3

A few of my faves <3 (will keep adding)


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