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Feel Good To Die
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by Neel1902

Dec 26, 2018
32 of 32 episodes seen
Overall 9.0
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 8.5

Best Timely MESS EVER!

WOW!! Just WOW!! What a surreal feeling this drama gives you. I didn't want this to finish. I would like this to go on forever.

The drama started with a BANG!! (literally Bang with a gun), and after 4 episodes you will feel like what more they could show than this as time loops are created every time. But Man I was wrong. This show gave me more than what I anticipated for. I was swept away in this mess right from the start. It can be confusing at times, but once you get the flow of the drama, you get used to it.

Story is based on web-toon, but its unusual than typical time loop dramas. In many dramas time loop gives different results every time you do things differently. But in here, you have to do things differently to stop the time loop.
This story gives BEST character development ever as Baek Jin Sang in dramaland. You hate his bluntness and rudeness in the starting episodes. But before you could know it, he slowly crawls under your skin and become a part of yours. You feel for him as a person who he is and why he is like that. His struggle to change himself is just AMAZING. Kang Ji hwan is at his best in this comedic role after a long time. I could never imagine BJS performed by another actor. I rewatched his many scenes and dialogues in later eps.

Another breather of the drama is Lee Roo da. The Life-saver for BJS and his major change-maker. Roo da is bored by routine life, and she keeps to her own self without caring for other people's stuff. But Time loop changes her into Roo da who is cheerful, caring, and righteous person with no nonsense attitude. Jin hee is spotless and charismatic as Lee Roo da. She had one of the Best chemistry with KJH.
Though it's said romance is short or not up-to the grade. But I didn't feel it that way. The chemistry both leads have is beyond just being lovey-dovey to each other. It is more of bringing out the best in each other and doing everything possible for the other person.

Gong Myung is adorable as Kang Joon ho. But in all the time-loop thing, he felt like a support character rather than second ML. Though I dont mind it.
I liked the comedic timings and the interactions among characters.
The messages in this drama are given in a totally different perspective. They portrayed the work life problems in Funny but deep and subtle manner. That's the charm of this drama.

Loved the music. 10/10. Every OST, every b/g tone is just superb. Every song gives you the emotions for every scene. Comedic, romantic, sad, happy, frustated.. Music is just perfect.

Definitely a rewatch! Love you Baek Jin sang ^_^
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