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I am a '98 liner lass, and the very first korean drama I ever watched is Stairway to Heaven (Around 2003 or 2004 when it was broadcasted in my country) followed by Full House and My Lovely Kim Sam Soon, I don't really remember watching completely all of those since I was just a little child then who loves playing outside our house. I was just influenced by my parents and sisters (and Korean dramas are just being introduced to my country that time, Philippines) though I remember a little bit about the song 'Three Bears' in 'Full House'. My sister told me that since 5, I am an avid viewer of Taiwanese and Korean dramas (and hey, I watched 'Meteor Garden' and I remember it, my mother even bought a poster for my sister back then). I became a k-drama addict and kpoper in 2009, when 'Boys Over Flowers' was broadcasted in Philippines and when Super Junior's It's You was ranked 1st for weeks in our local music chart.

I only watch dramas and movies from South Korea, and a few Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and Thai dramas and movies. I used to loved Taiwanese dramas but well, Korean dramas, number 1 in my heart now.
[Update; I'm back to watching Taiwanese dramas and movies thanks to Autumn's Concerto].
(Our ISP gave us a free 6-month subscription on netflix so recently Im hooked on western movies but don't know if it'll last more than 6 months, and Hugh Grant's movies being my favorite ♡ [I end up extending my Netflix subscription (on my 3rd year of subscription now!) and I love Gone with the Wind movie from 1939!] 

Imagine my daily routine, I have to travel daily from home to school and vice versa consuming a total of 4 hours, attending my classes from 9am to 4pm, watching western movies and watching K-dramas! Where's my social life? On hiatus!).

I prefer watching my favorite actors' dramas and movies than watching new & popular dramas out there but once in a while I still try to watch them and I always end up adding the lead to my favorites' list so I'm trying my best not to watch new dramas. I'll watch them later, I say, when it gets older! Because I always ends up liking the leads and I feel frustrated when I see their in profile that they don't have that much dramas and movies to watch, so when I watch their dramas later I expect them to have more dramas I can watch >:D

It seems I spent almost 6 months out of my 21 years of life watching dramas and movies lol (plus the dramas and movies I watched I cannot recall anymore! ????) it can happen, really. I always finish a 16-20 episode dramas overnight (within 30 hours usually wherein I eat while watching, will take a 5 minute shower and will not reply to any messages lol), don't try it I tell you or else you'll spend the next 24 hours sleeping hahaha! 

When I started to watch a drama or a movie I will watch it until the end no matter how boring it gets or how lame the story progressed. There are few 'skipping' while I'm watching but I always make sure that I'll watch it till the end and that I won't ruin my own viewing by skipping. I love to rewatch my favorite K-dramas and I do that from time to time.

Rewatched Drama List (rewatched times; not including the time I watched it the first time) 
- Boys Over Flowers (8 times) [SERIOUSLY!]
- Decendants of the Sun (7 times)
- Healer (5 times)
- Moonlovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (5 times)
- The Moon that Embraces the Sun (4 times)
- You Who Came From the Stars (4 times)
- King2Hearts (4 times)
- Rooftop Price (4 times)

- Jealousy Incarnate (3 times)
- Fated to Love You [Korean] (3 times)
- Reply 1988 (3 times)
- The Heirs (3 times)
- It's Okay It's Love (3 times)
- Sungkyunwan Scandal (3 times)
- My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (3 times)
- Coffee Prince (3 times)
- Something in the Rain (3 times)
- Legend of the Blue Sea (3 times)
- Goblin (2 times)
- Missing You (2 times)
- Love in the Moonlight (2 times)
- While You Were Sleeping (2 times)
*those in bold font are my all-time favorites!

And also, my favorite Taiwanese drama as of now is Autumn's Concerto. I used to ignore it when it was broadcasted in my country way back 2011 because of too much ads and I don't like dubbed dramas and movies. My hope is subs and my enemy is dub.

*When it comes to KPOP, my Ultimate Bias Groups are;

EXO (since 2013, OT12 forever)

WINNER (since 2014)

BANGTAN BOYS (since 2013)

GOT7 (since 2014)

BIGBANG (since 2011) (still confused if I'll still support bigbang as my bias WAS Seungri)

SUPER JUNIOR (2009-2010, 2014 & 2017 - present, times where I got addicted to them)

SHINEE (2009, 2016, 2017 - present, times where I stan them hard)

Other Groups that I love are;



I also like playing computer games, currently playing The Sims 4, Crusader Kings II, BitLife, GPS 4
While I also love playing Real Lives, Capitalism, Tropico, The Guild, Always Remember Me

The genres of the games I like are: Simulation (Life, Business, Political), City Building, and Choose-Your-Own-Adventure games, so if you have some recommendations I will be more than happy to try it.

I gave up on enrolling on Korean Cultural Center since Im always late, lol Maybe I should just study on my own! And wait, I forgot to tell that I'm a forgetful lass :) Not regularly updating here since I always forgot.


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