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안녕!!! O(^o^)O

Annyeong! Hi there! I'm glad to meet you drama watchers! hmm what should I say next? I don't really have a special story to tell. I can't even remember when I watched my first drama, all I can remember is that it was ToGetHer Superstar Express. Great show anyway, great enough to get me obsessed with it. But the drama which made me into a k-drama addict was You're Beautiful (as well as Jang Geun Suk became my first bias without even knowing what a bias was back then keke) and not long after I became a K-pop fan too. This happened about 4 years ago and until today I've constantly been watching dramas with short break periods (the longest being for about 3 month). I passed trough my obsessed-fan-girl period as well and now I'm not that much into K-pop, but dramas are still an important part of my life. 

I love talking about dramas, changing points of view and making recommendations. So feel free to add me if you feel the same! I love making new friends!! I've even made some lists with my fav dramas and different drama genres and themes to eventually help other users with the same preferences as me to find easier the shows which may interest them. 

I'm also an anime fan since about 6 years. My favs are Death NoteNanaHyouka and Kuroshitsugi. If you like anime too and want to be friends and talk more about it you can also find me on my anime list, this is my my profile. ~ 


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