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Current favorite drama: The Master's Sun

I've recently gotten into watching Kdramas again and am looking for one with a really good ending and plot twist if possible (if you have any you'd like to recommend without spoiling anything please send me a message).  Nothing seems to be worse than when you have a bad ending, or lack of one even, to one of your favorite shows yet I seem to have this problem all the time.I typically like romcoms with some drama to create suspense.  

I began writing reviews when I only watched a couple dramas so many of them do not have the same ratings that I'd give them today.  I will try to update those when I have time.  Typically I watch dramas that I've heard great things about or with actors/actresses that I like because I've seen them on a variety show.  If I do not like the drama it will have a rating of 5 or less and will be on my on hold/plan to watch list.  If I do like one then chances are I'm currently watching it or have already completed it.  The lowest score for one of these is a 5 if it was able to make it to the completed list and was extremely painful to watch.  My highest rating so far is an 8 since none of the dramas I've seen so far have everything I'm looking for.  My perfect drama would have:

1.) An actor with: looks like Gong Yoo, Song Seung Hun, or Oh Ji Ho (this may be criticized as superficial but I have eyes and this is my perfect drama); charm/cute humor like So Ji Sub's in the Master's Sun, Hyun Bin's in Secret Garden, Domyoji's in Boys Over Flowers (the manga, I haven't seen all of the Kdrama), or Song Seun Hun's in My Princess instead of just being the typical mean guy with no personality or reason to be liked other than being rich or good looking (sometimes I've seen shows where neither of these are even present); the ability to cry believably like Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince or at least sway me with the tears in their eyes like Cha Seung Won in Greatest Love and Seo In Guk in Reply 1997 or So Ji Sub's little sad eyebrows in Master's Sun.

2.) A second male lead who actually has a chance like Geoh Oh from Sungkyunkwan Scandal (why include competition if it's not even worth while?); has the dedication of Yul in Goong or Park Hae Jin from You Who Came From the Stars; and rivalry like that in Mary Stayed Out All Night/Protect the Boss.

3.) An actress like Eun Yoon Hye and Gong Hyo Jin who's cute, relatable (she reacts in a similar way to how I think I would rather than in a emotionless or bizarre one) and has personality without being annoying as well as some self respect so she doesn't become a "candy girl". 

4.) An intense antagonist like Park Ye Jin in My Princess, Shim Hye Jin in Goong or Shin Sung Rok in You Who Came From the Stars who is mean/intimidating (and makes you sit at the edge of your chair) but not without cause, has potential to get what he/she wants, and has brains (nothing's worse than brainless thugs who can be defeated at the blink of an eye; it's neither entertaining nor suspenseful and is a waste of my time just like filler episodes of shows like Naruto).

5.) A great story like Goong that's well developed and has deep, meaningful lines; with the romantic, heart-fluttering, hug-your-pillow-really-tight-and-hold-your-breath moments found in the first 9 episodes of The Greatest Love; laugh-out-loud humor of My Princess and Mary Stayed Out All Night; a plot twist like that in Secret Garden; a climax like that in Coffee Prince; and a cute ending like Master's Sun.

I am also a fan of Running Man (Lee Kwang Soo daebak! ^__________^)

**Side note: My favorite actors and my favorite Korean tv personalities are not the same.  In fact, some actors have personalities that I don't agree with at all in real life but are amazing on screen and vice versa.  I will put up a list of these later.

My Favorite Bromance:


So Ji Sub and Song Seung Hun have the best humor and smiley eyes ever! <3 

I can't forget about these pairs of buddies either though:

Kim Joong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo

Ha Ha and Yoo Jae Suk

Dong Hae and Eun Hyuk

GDragon and Hyeon Don - this could go under couples too

Cutest Couple that I really want to get together irl - So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin:


Other favorite couples irl or on TV:

lee seung gi and yoona

Song Ji Hyo and Kang Gary

Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk

Favorite Kdrama Villains:

Shin Sung Rok - You Who Came From the Stars

Park Ye Jin - My Princess

Shin Hye Jin - Goong

Character/Actor difference in personality I was most shocked by:

Yoo Ah InMoon Jae Shin

Yoo Ah In isn't a mean person or anything, I just feel somewhat saddened that he's not like Moon Jae Shin at all since Moon Jae Shin was so cute.  : (   I've seen a lot of actors who are serious in real life despite being funny or charming on screen and vice versa, but Yoo Ah In seemed like a whole different person (and kind of looks like a boyband member instead of the more manly yet cute Moon Jae Shin that he played).  I can't seem to picture him as the same person and it breaks my heart a little that there's no trace of Moon Jae Shin in the real world.  I thought he'd have similarities like So Ji Sub has with his characters, but even his voice is different.

Favorite KDrama Cry- Gong Yoo:


Favorite Korean Singer- Baek Ji Young:


Current Obsession:

So Ji Sub

Favorite TV Personalities:

Lee Kwang SooYoo Jae SukHa HaJi Suk Jin

Xie NaSong Seung HunEun Yoon HyeEun Ji WonSeo In Guk

Rain BiLee Seung GiHyun Jong Kim (I know there's a lot of bad press about him, but I hope he fixes his life and comes back)Jung Joo RiJeong Hyeong Don

th?id=HN.608036364530944867&w=109&h=164&Yong HwaKim Shin YoungJung Eun Ji

He JiongPark Ji SungSong Ji Hyo

MinzyTabloKang Gary

Ryu Hyun JinShin Bong SunKim Jong Kook

Jeon Ji HyeonSeohyunth?&id=HN.608050963121113251&w=300&h=300Nam Gyu Ri


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