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I Ask for everyone's kind guidance in the future!

Some of my Favorites: (Will Be Updating Someday In the Future)

 If You want exact Favorites, go on my lists, I have my favorite dramas from each country and the actors and actresses from each. Will be doing movies next, though I haven't watched that many. 

 All The Shows I've Watched (Will Update More Later): 


My Firsts:

First Live Action: Ouran High School Host Club
First Korean Drama: Boys Over Flowers (I know this is really a Live Action, but the feel seems like a Drama)
First Korean Film: Baby & I
First Taiwanese Drama: Autumn's Concerto
First Taiwanese Film: Secret
First Japanese Drama: Starman - This Star's Love
First Japanese Film: Ouran High School Host Club
First Hong Kong Film: Shaolin Soccer

 Explanation for my PTW and On-Hold Lists (Currently Watching & Dropped Too): 


I use my On-Hold for all the dramas I plan to watch, but may be currently airing (I like to Marathon dramas, so I usually wait), I sometimes make exceptions and send them straight to currently watching. The second thing I use the list for is to put shows I really have put On-Hold or even dramas that I am having a hard time watching. The last thing I use it for is a download list, if I can't find where to download or watch it I add it to the list until I find it.


For my PTW list I mostly just use it as a list of the dramas I'm deciding on. On the other hand I only put airing dramas if they are close to finishing, such as for 16 episode shows I usually wait until 2 episodes are left to air and if 20 episodes I wait until its about 16 or 17 episodes have aired, for everything else it depends on how it airs and how many episodes a week, either way I add it then.

Currently Watching

I only add airing dramas to my Currently Watching list if I really can't wait, which I usually regret because I always want more after I catch up, it happens every time. For a minimum I usually wait until an airing drama is about half done to start it, to at least lessen the torture I inflict on myself.


I really don't like dropping dramas, so I don't drop any. Currently I have never dropped one single drama or movie and I am proud of that. If anything I may put a show on hold and finish it when I'm in the mood. So in general I do not use my dropped list.

Not Interested

I'm actually not using it for what it's named, I'm actually using this list to organize my Variety Shows I watch so I don't mix it up with dramas. 


 (Started April 7) 



  1.  1. Ho Goo's Love [8.5/10] 
  2.  2. Super Daddy Yeol [8/10] 
  3.  3. Healer [10/10] 
  4.  4. Sensory Couple [9/10] 
  5.  5. Falling For Innocence [8.5/10] 
  6.  6. New Heart [8/10] 
  7.  7. Someone Like You [9.5/10] 
  8.  8. EXO Next Door [9/10] 
  9.  9. My Unfortunate Boyfriend [8/10] 
  10.  10. School 2013 [9/10] 
  11.  11. Ex-Girlfriend Club [8.5/10] 
  12.  12. Dream Knight [8/10] 
  13.  13. Mask [9.5/10] 
  14.  14. Dr. Ian [8/10] 
  15.  15. Plus Nine Boys [9.5/10] 
  16.  16. Who Are You: School 2015 [8.5/16] 
  17.  17. I Remember You [9/10] 
  18.  18. Oh My Ghost [9.5/10] 
  19.  19. Secret [8.5/10] 
  20.  20. Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match [9/10] 
  21.  21. She Was Pretty [9/10] 
  22.  22. D-Day [9.5/10] 
  23.  Blood [Currently Watching] (Struggling to Finish) {17/20} 
  24.  Gu Family Book [Plan to Finish] (Started Never Finished) {20/24} 

 Decided to End the Challenge at 22 Dramas 

 Plan to Watch 

 - Orange Marmalade 

 - High Society 

 - Yong-Pal (Currently Ongoing) 


  1.  1. My Little Bride [7.5/10] 


 Only For dramas that for me have a draggy side or ones that have a few boring scenes I want to skip ^~^ 


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