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rabbit hole


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I'm a high school student who loves to watch Asian dramas/movies. It has been my favorite past-time during semester/summer break since 2015! This is how I spend my time worthwhile whenever I got the chance! 

I also do some personal stuff with the people I love, but since they like Asian dramas too, we mostly spend the time to watch. XD

Quotes I live by

 . . . 

As long as we keep on running, as long as we do not stop,

no one can tell what will happen next.

- The Whirlwind Girl 

. . . 

For some happiness, if we can achieve it now, 

we shouldn't wait for the future.

- Cambrian Period 

. . . 

The best comfort in the world isn't telling the other person that everything will be better. 

Instead, it's to frown and say: "Why are you crying? Look, I'm even worse off than you." 

- My Huckleberry Friends

. . . 

If you don't give up, things will not end.

You can be anyone. The possibilities are infinite.

- Water Polo Yankees

. . . 

No matter who you are, you will eventually turn to dust.

So why should you worry so much and make your life difficult?

- Eternal Love

. . . 

Fate gets decided by the choice

you make, not coincidence.

- Suits

. . . 

Only when you find your inner peace you can 

see them clearly. And see what you really want.

-  Where the Lost Ones Go

. . . 

Has anyone said that you troubled everyone and told you to quit? 

If no one did, why did you decide that by yourself? 

-  Omukae Death

. . . 

The most simple way to love someone,

is to believe in everything impossible with her.

- When We Were Young

. . . 

If you don't give up, your dream will

be right in front of your eyes.

- My Mr. Mermaid

. . . 

What to do next can be though about slowly.

Whatever comes next, let me walk for myself.

- The Untamed 


It's better to keep your mouth shut and let people think 

you're stupid than open your mouth and prove them right.


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