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                                                          About Me                                                                   

  I was introduced to asian culture by my stepbrother who happen to be japanese. I started with animes but i didn't like at first, because he used to show me some scary and weird ones Lol,at the time he was 15 (Puberty boy alert ) and i was 7.

  But then his kpop phase happened,shortening the story, I was growing up, I discovered youtube (to listen to those songs with a strange language, but I ended up enjoying anyway  lol) and I learned to 'speak' English ( for the subtitles of dramas ) .

  Today I am 20 years old and I do not watch anime like I used to, I still listen a little bit of kpop tho, At the moment I'm kind of addicted to dramas.

                                                 About my drama list                                                    

                           For you who are touring my dramalist !                                            
                              Here a few things you need to know   

 * I made myself a rule to watch maximum 10 dramas at the same time ( if i don't do this i get crazy LOL) .

My Plan to watch list is ONLY for DRAMAS.

* My "on Hold list is my plan to watch ONLY for MOVIES

* My dropped list is actually my ON HOLDS

I dont have a dropped list, i usually delete the dramas that i dropped .

                                                                                           (little weird right ? )



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