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Profile is under construction. Still slowly adding all the Asian movies I've seen since childhood as I recall them. Been a lurker on this site since it first was created, but never joined until years later when thanks to animation as well as 2 dramas aided me out of a depressive time and re-inspired/re-awoken my passion for Asian media full force.

I don't sign on here as often as AW and other animation sites, however that doesn't mean my interest is any less. I mainly use this to chart movies I loved as I prefer those over dramas.


My Journey into Asia-

  Hong KongFirst experience in Asian movies. Angelica was my first favorite actress

And of course I would be lying if I didn't mention these were my first ventures into Hong Kong actors

Taiwan -  I  have more memories of discussions back then then actually watching alot, but I still appreciate the classics.

JAPAN- My Love and Passion found

 Asia was no longer just Asia from that point onwards and Hollywood officially got tossed as Japan had EVERYTHING I loved in even culture and language. It made my middle and high school days complete, and made sense to me in so many levels. It even awakened my romantic side while it seemed every other country's romance stories was too overbearing for me to hold interest.And yes it made me go from being a person that thought would be end up being a nerdy spinster to actually envisioning marriage. Not to forget this was also the time I started actually fangirling over learning actor's names/careers asides from just word of mouth/text.


Thailand-   Oh Thailand, unexpected and purely by chance, but caught my interest and now they're my nostalgic favorite right after Japan & tied with Korea

and yes this guy is oozing talent. He needs bigger roles 

Korea- I actually started out highly disliking Kdramas because their popular remakes at the time annoyed me with their acting compared to Japan. However when it came to movies- I'm so thankful I gave them a try

And nowadays of course I've made room for Korea select dramas and amazing characters

China- Shocked that it took me so l long to watch a Chinese movie...even the Philippines beat them??? However I have purchased the ones I liked so all good.

and not to forget their historical series costumes.......I'm addicted to looking at them.

Vietnam, Malaysia & Laos-  Add these to the database already!!!! They don't make alot but I loved these 3. Papaya is what made me admire Vietnam as the beauty that it is.

As for favorite actors/movies/OST's..........still working on that but I doubt I can even pick.

Some of the more memorable Mydramalist articles to me.......(they seriously need to come up with a way to save these )


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin to get married today! - MyDramaList 

"Queen of Tears" Park Sung Hoon: "Poverty and a sense of inferiority became the driving force" - MyDramaList 

Celebrating Children's Day with Our Favorite Stars - MyDramaList 

K-drama actor Uhm Ki Joon announces marriage - MyDramaList 

Yoo Ah In Suffers from Depression, Had Suicidal Thoughts - MyDramaList 

Don Lee Reveals His Wife Supported Him When He was Poor - MyDramaList 

Ignore this spoiler its just a titles that I saved so I can remember the actor names and cast 

I Wanted to Meet You (2019)Yume de Mita Ano Ko no Tame ni (2023


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