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I began my venture in dramaland, but actually watching a lot of older films first. We're talking the 'Crition classics' with strange dubbing and mostly black and white films. 

Eventually my Japanese tutors edged me in with 'Shitsurin chocolatier' and I promptly sat down and watched rather slowly. Again, some friends and I would end up watching a film or two together, a few were Chinese, some Korean, others Japanese, but I hadn't quite fallen into the drama watching hole.

While staying in Japan from Sept. 2015 to July 2016 I edged my way into watching Japanese doramas for real. I've even decided to keep up with currently airing series more or less as I can!

I mostly watch JDramas so I don't have to wait for full subs, and to practice my Japanese. But occasionally, you'll see me watch a stray Korean or Chinese one. 

I'm a huge fan of actors/actresses usually only for a brief time. I've found that Japanese actors/actresses get typecasted so easily! And it's rather unfortunate. ;-; But I usually watch Dramas based on recommendations, and interest in plot, verses popularity or a certain actor/actress.

I'm a huge fan of EXILE TRIBE and their talents so usually I'll be watching their dramas as they air. Same with Arashi.

Lastly, my drama watching goals for this year are to: not drop a drama (ideally, unless it's super bad), review more dramas and movies as I watch them, add articles to MDL, and shrink my 'plan to watch list' by at least 10 titles!

I've finished my Chinese film course and now I'm obessed with watching modern (2000 forward) Chinese movies. Plus I have forgotten my love, shamefully, of Tao, Wu Yifan and Luhan all formerly of EXO. I'm hoping that I'll be able to watch more and get into more series soon!


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