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I started watching some Jdramas before I started watching my first Kdrama back in the middle of 2015. I would never have guessed I would be 800+ series later in 2018!

Japanese was the first Asian languages that I learned now I am slowly learning Korean, Chinese and Tai, and Korean is my main focus at the moment!  And as for me coming from Norwegian and English, it can be tough to learn it

Now I watch Kdrama, Cdrama, Lokorns and Tdrama, and some Jdrama.

Bring on DramaLand 2019 

And using this site has been vital for me new to Asian drama, Thank you to everyone making and using this site, what a fantastic community!

PS: for more info and blog posts!

 My Recap in Dramaland 2018 check this blog post out

For more info about Upcoming Asian Dramas Check out my custom lists on my profile page

Also, check out my custom list for Snack-Sized reviews on Asian Dramas I complete


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