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If you are looking at my profile there is something you want to know. Let me guess. :) 

I am female, live in Scandinavia, work as game developer for AAA titles. 

I have a blog where I share stuff I love (mostly gifs of kisses): 키스 ki-suh  

I am author/artist of a Webtoon published on Webtoons (Genderbender genre, romance, drama, slowburn and all the things we love): Boys Will Be Boys

I am a lover of trashy tropes, but a hater of harmful stereotypes! Queer reading is a thing I do and none can stop me. I will ship fictional but not IRL.

Favourite tropes

  1. 1 Close quarters accidental skinship (hiding, trapped, elevators etc)
  2. 2 Drunken accidental confession
  3. 3 Playing doctor (cleaning wounds and patching someone hurt up)

Most hated tropes

  1. 1 The Jerk treats girl like shit and she falls anyway (not to be confused with the aloof and cold personality that is TOTALLY swoonworthy).
  2. 2 Noble idiot
  3. 3 Wrist grab (especially when a girl that is otherwise kick ass suddenly can't fend it of...)

I mostly watch Kdrama, however I do like Tdrama, Cdrama and HKdrama as well. Fusion Sageuk is my must watch. But I'll watch anything that tickles my fancy. I can't handle sad endings, which is a problem since Koreans seem to looooooooove that kind of thing. I've slipped once or twice and seen something without clear happy endings and I am totally destroyed emotionally for a long time afterwards. :(

There is really only one man for me. The greatest actor in the world. Lee Moon Shik


Ok so you expected my favorite to be a hot dude? But how could I pick. I love them all. I guess if I really have to choose one, it will be Lee Joon Gi


More importantly are my favorite female actors. It's sooo hard to pick. I will list them in the order I discovered them: Jeon Ji Hyun, Shin Min Ah and Kim Mi Kyung


Kim Mi Kyung needs a special mention because she will forever be "Hacker Ahjumma" in my heart.

I think any other information you can find in my lists, reviews or just go ahead and ask me. :)


Ps. By the way, I need to plug my friends podcast, Kdrama Addiction Therapy, as I have been a guest on that pod a couple of times. Check it out! 

Don't forget to read, subscribe and like the best Webtoon in the world: Boys will Be Boys


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