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Hello, Olá, Annyong

Hello my name is Lyla and I'm from brazil, I like to whatch all sorts of things, but it got to be good. I don't care if it's blood darky gloomy light romance or comedy, I'll just try it on anything. I love trying new things.

In this trying new things thing, I wanted to try kpop, some time ago and I kinda loved it. That was only a matter of time to jump into Kdramas. I watch mostly K dramas, but this is not a pattern, since I like to try new things, once in while I watch whatever my attention jumps to.

Feel free to recommend me things ^_^

Kihyun the sweetest voice I've ever heard in k pop  /\ so cute 

 /\ Thats Ji chang wook. Somebody said there's no such thing as perfection. Well that person never have seen ji chang wook. The guy is just ....   


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