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The Best of Asian Drama Moms (aka Happy Mother's Day from MDL)
Editorials - May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day from us! And in celebration, come and join us in giving some Drama moms the love and respect they deserve! (They're not all evil, we promise!)

The Villains of Kdrama: Dare I Say...Boring?
Editorials - Apr 24, 2014

Everyone likes a good villain, but must they all be cut from the same cookie cutter? Read on SeRose's graduating scale of Kdrama's most boring villains, and some of the villains who actually stand out from the rest.

MDL Writers Wanted! Yes, you... We want YOU.
MDL News - Feb 10, 2014

Get your pencils sharpened, or your keyboards ready. MDL wants writers! FAQ and How to Apply inside!

A Christmas Day Heirs Special
News - Dec 25, 2013

Have you been missing the Heirs cast and characters? See more of the romance this Christmas!

Currently Watching: The Pursuit of Happiness
Drama Recaps - Dec 1, 2013

SeRose takes a break from Kdramas to watch the currently airing Taiwanese drama, The Pursuit of Happiness! Nothing but persuasive arguments inside to watch this! *No Spoilers*

Hailing All Writers!
MDL News - Oct 10, 2013

Need a creative outlet to use your love of Asian drama? Write for Mydramalist!

Currently Watching: School 2013
Drama Recaps - Dec 25, 2012

SeRose is currently watching School. Here's why you should be watching this too! (No Spoilers)

Drama Food I Crave: Korean Edition
Editorials - Dec 6, 2012

MDL writer SeRose discusses the most crave-worthy Korean Drama Food. Are you hungry?

The Great Asian Dramathon
Editorials - Oct 30, 2012

Writer SeRose discusses the perks of a good old-fashioned drama marathon.

How To: Convert Your Friends Into Drama-Fanatics
Editorials - Sep 26, 2012

Writer SeRose explains how you can convert your friends into Asian drama addicts!

So You Remember Your First Drama?
Editorials - Sep 18, 2012

Writer SeRose describes the emotions behind a "drama" career...