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Hello, I'm Rhory aka Shade. I live in the north and spends most of my time feeling cold and shovelling snow. Even in the month of May, when the rest of the country is enjoying the spring, I'm busy muttering 'Winter is coming'. That's why I love to watch films and dramas, because I can dream myself away to warmer countries.  



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Romantic-comedy ∙ Sci-Fi & Fantasy ∙ Vampire & Supernatural ∙ Medical ∙ Military ∙ Business


Supernatural beings x humans ∙ Noona-romance ∙ Cohabitation ∙ School: Rebellious Teenagers ∙           Contract relationship ∙ Time-travelling ∙ Office romance ∙ Foreign Exchange Productions


Been watching dramas since around 2003. Started out watching anime as a kid → jdrama → kdrama → lakorns → the rest of the world. Nowadays, I watch anything from any country I find interesting.



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10 - Dope. Can not describe in words what I felt watching this. It was too good.
9.5/9 - Almost perfect. Had some elements that I think could've been better.
7/8 - Fine, but some parts of the story wasn't engaging.
5/6 - Boring. Why am I watching this again?
1/4 - Horrible. Dropped or a torture to watch. There's nothing that could've saved these productions.


I used to torture myself through dramas, forcing with all my will so I could finish them, no matter how bad I thought they were. I regret it now, of course, and it wasn't until I started watching 'Love Rain' I changed my habit. Had two more episodes of the show to go but I was so done with everything, that I dropped it like a hot pan and I haven't regretted it since. 'Beautiful Secret' made me start time-skipping as well. I knew what the character would say even before they did, and I tested my theories by fast-forwarding some few minutes aaaaaaaand, I was right every single time. That's how I nowadays determine if the dramas are worth my time or not. If I ain't feeling it, I will not watch it, not matter how popular the production is.



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