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Canada, Quebec


Canada, Quebec

Hi! I'm Vietnamese-Québécoise, with a hint of Chinese heritage.

Here some first(s) drama that Iv'e freshly started with :

Winter Sonata (2002), Kr

Hana Kimi (2006),  Thai 

Soot Sanaeha (2009) Thai

Gotten seriously into Drama's in 2016.

Here's my top ten list of favorites that you might want to check out:

Joy of Life Season 2 is here! and I'm all in for the ML <3)Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Y'all this, I watched this 6 times, I'm not okay)Story of Kunning Palace (We love happy endings)Love Between Fairy and Devil (AH- This couple, my fav, and Esther, I love her so much, cuteee!!)The Red Sleeve (Depression Pills)

Arsenal Military Academy Xu Kai, honestly, best performance and ONLY playable character by him, here.)

Moonlight (2021) (Just a roomate/editor/online friend right? ;) 

Story of Yanxi Palace (One word: Satisfying)

*Ngl I ship them

Love Me, Love my Voice (The first only drama I've watch enjoyed, stayed and binged all long that has pure fluffy romance) 

And here are some favorite actors of mine (the orders doesn`t really mean anything but top 1-3 are truth):

          Female                                  Male                                                                                                  
  1. Kim Go Eun                  1. Lee Joon Gi                                                                                                                      
  2. Yu Shu Xin                     2. Choi Woo Shik
  3. Song HyeJyo               3. Xu Kai
  4. IU                                       4. Zhang Ruo Yun
  5. Bai Lu                               5. Jung Hae In
  6. Kim Da Mi                     6. Lee Je Hoon
  7. Zhang Jing Yi               7. Chen Fei Yu
  8. Park So Dam                8. Dylan Wang
  9. Jung So Min                  9. Ding Yu Xi
  10. Zhao Lu Si                      10.Wang Xing Yue


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