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Mellow Land


Mellow Land

All the dramas that I've dropped are due to a) annoying/ludicrous storyline/characters, b) couldn't peak my interest or c) they are just plain bad/boring.

Sometimes I do end up finishing dramas that I don't like. It depends on my mood.


I have 2 grading schemes in my reviews. The first one is my impression in general (objective) which is the overall review rating. The second one is how much I was entertained/obsessed (subjective).

Lastly, the grading scheme in "My Drama List" is the average of the two previous grading schemes [(objective + subjective)/2]


Favorite Dramas:
(in no particular order)

* 1 Liter of Tears
* Secret Garden
* The Princess's Man
* Shining Inheritance
* My Girlfriend is a Gumiho
* Boys Before Flowers
* Queen Seon Duk
* Jumong
* My Girl
* Smile, You
* Coffee Prince
* Beautiful Days

Dramas I really, really loved/enjoyed:
(in no particular order)

* Phoenix
* Tree of Heaven
* Hwang Jin Yi (episode 1-10 loved it.. 11 onwards, I didn't like)
* Green Rose
* Super Rookie
* Sad Love Song
* Sungkyunkwan Scandal
* Absolute Boyfriend (Japanese)
* Oh! My Lady
* Glass Slippers
* Padam Padam
* My Name is Kim Sam Soon
* One Mom and Three Dads
* All About Eve


Favorite Actors:
(in no particular order)

* Go Soo
* Won Bin
* Park Shi Hoo
* Takeshi Kaneshiro
* Jung Woo-Sung
* Hyun Bin
* Yoo Ah In
* Lee Seung Gi
* Kim Nam Gil
* Kim Soo Hyun
* Yoon Kye Sang (I just like his presence)
* Gong Yoo
* Lee Je Hoon
* Joo Won

Favorite Actresses:
(in no particular order)

* Ha Ji Won
* Moon Chae Won
* Kim Sun Ah
* Han Hyo Joo
* Han Hye Jin
* Han Ga In (I just like her presence)
* Han Ji Min
* Lee Yeon Hee (I just like her presence)
* Shin Min Ah
* Lee Min Jung
* Jeon Ji Hyun
* Shin Se Kyung
* Lee Eun Joo (R.I.P)


Five favorite Korean drama couples:
(in no particular order)

1) Moon Chae Won / Se Ryung and Park Shi Hoo / Seung Yoo (The Princess's Man)

2) Lee Min Jung / Jung In and Jung Kyung Ho / Hyun Su (Smile, You)

3) Deokman / Lee Yo Won and Kim Nam Gil / Bidam (Queen Seon Duk)

4) Shin Min Ah / Mi Ho and Lee Seung Gi / Dae Woong (My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)

5) ???

First Korean Drama: Glass Slippers
First Korean Star Crush: Ryu Si Won
First Favorite Korean Actress: Kim So Yeon
First Favorite Korean Drama: Beautiful Days
What made me get an account on mydramalist? The Princess's Man
First Time watching Korean dramas? 2005

dp cr: ainsyatikah (tumblr)


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