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1Hello! 안녕하세요!  สวัสดีคะ!

A bit about me. . . .
      I love quirky dramas, body swapping, talking dogs.. . .the whole bit.
That's all I can think to type right now. .  I'll add more later.

This year's drama challenge ... 52 (Dramas/Movies) 

2018 Watch Challenge
2018 - Drama Challenge 

2018 Dramas
Secret Seven
 My Secret Friend
Love Bi-Polar
Dark Fairy Tale
Project S: Shoot! I love you
Fabulous 30
To Be Continued: Beautiful Tomboy
Love Books Love Series: Secret & Summer
Mob Psycho 100


2018 Movies

Pee Mak
Princess Alifu
The Great Buddha
77 heartbreaks
Tori Girl
Journey to the West : concuring demons
Mindfulness and Murder

Favorite Dramas (seen in 2017)
-Kleun Cheewit
- Together with Me
-Don Quixote
Wasnnueng Jaa Pben Superstar

Favorite Dramas (seen in 2016) (No particular order)
-Diary of Tootsies
-Love Sick Season 2
- From Five to Nine

-Something about 1%
-Make it right
-Lucky Romance
-Leh Nangfah

Fav Drama of 2015
love Sick
Housewife Kim Kwang Ja's 3rd Activities


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