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Stalking my second leads


Stalking my second leads
Stop! Miss Hua chinese drama review
Ongoing 22/24
Stop! Miss Hua
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by fluffshi
Aug 17, 2021
22 of 24 episodes seen
Overall 6.5
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 3.5
This review may contain spoilers
I'm having some chocolate and so I'm in a good mood so my review might or might not be changed overall : ). First of all, I would like to say this was a boring mess. I was very exicted for this drama after seeing Judy Qi in her other dramas, plus I have strong soft spot for rich female leads, so... I had high expectations which in return gave me a snooze fest.

The major plot hole in this the second male lead (Never thought I would be saying this sentence because I'm avid ambassador of give second male lead's a better chance, and Moonlight usually simps for second male leads although these days each one seems to be majorly annoying which is honestly a good thing since I will not get heartache or plan the murder plan for the female lead I'm not a violent person I swear.)

The second male lead get's more screen time than the main couple. It's the best I can explain it. His character is annoying and 14 episodes in, you will think to yourself that I need to drop this. I did not because I thought there were going to be some steamy ass kisses to the end of the drama but I have not gotten one, which is weird because Qi does take her kissing skills seriously but Ryan Zhang wasn't up for them or something.

As a fan of Judy Qi, I thought she did okay as the rich female lead, but to be fair not many actresses can portray a spoiled female lead as a person that is likable especially with such a childish female lead, it might be the script most likely but her performance was just okay to me. Ryan Zhang with his first actual male lead role, I think also did okay, his character was more well written than that of Qi's which is weird considering the drama's name is Stop! Miss Hua which tells you that the drama would be more about the female lead, though his character was well written and swoony, I did not feel much swoony maybe because he had a natural cold bad boy face or something, but compared to male lead's written in this way, like a protector of the female lead, I could name many more bodyguard male leads I would swoon about and he wouldn't be on my list. Supporting characters did their thing, I did like the acting of the female lead's brother and his character development, I would say his romance story got more romance than the main leads did, which is sad since I thought Qi and Zhang had well developed chemistry. The other side couple got less screen time so I don't have a developed opinion on them but they seemed like fillers, and if they did not maybe I would have liked them. The main leads don't have prominent romance, which is also a major plot hole which is misleading since this drama is marketed as a romantic comedy, though I'm not a huge fan I had my reasons for watching this as stated above, but in this drama I really wondered if the male lead was the second male lead because of the lack of sweet scenes with the female lead, and romantic development, it would have been fine if this drama had electrifying chemistry and more screen time as a couple falling in love, but although I do think that Qi and Zhang had pretty good chemistry, it was not electrifying and cannot keep me going, I thought I was going to drop it but I have two episodes left so why not. Compared to other slow burn romances, I cannot and could not like this drama and the romance portrayed between the two characters which is a shame because the original storyline is one of my personal favorites.

Okay enough enough ranting, I had to watch this in mute and with terrible subs but as things go with Moonlight, she does not mind RAWS and with her intermediate level in Chinese, she honestly does not care much. This was a time waste for me, and the chocolate is wearing off so I need some wine so I do not rant even more. I think I need to end this here, now get a glass of wine and gives cheers to her for writing this long review, and you reading it. You've worked hard
Score changed because Ending episodes were a joke. 7---> 6.5. Sorry Judy and Ryan!
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