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Stalking my second leads


Stalking my second leads
Ongoing 18/18
The Deadly Affair
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Aug 27, 2022
18 of 18 episodes seen
Ongoing 0
Overall 5.0
Story 5.0
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 1.0
This review may contain spoilers

Some dramas try to be a combination of everything and this one embodies that statement.

Ch3's newest airing drama, with the star James Jirayu who is a popular fan favorite that many people might want to watch this lakorn for. Yeena Salas who is a newcomer, but has captured a lot of fans as a young actress, is our nang ek.
(This review wwas written at 16/18 episodes; new commentary; just don't watch LOL this is Meena's lakorn and if you like the actress watch the lakorn but if you came in for the synopsis don't watch do yourself a favor and watch Secret instead, or Jark Sadtroo Soo Hua Jai)

This pairing is already a visual pairing worth watching for. Their chemistry here does not disappoint either, it is James Ji's one of the rare firsts being paired with an actress who is younger and matches his baby face. (I love noona romances, but Karat Ruk was one of the firsts for me to be not able to digest). James JI and Gina are on fire here with their acting and their match, it seems that this pair really enjoyed working with each other and I loved many moments with them, and this might be their best acting so far according to me imho.

Although that is not enough for defending this lakorn, no matter how good their chemistry here is I will always wish for another lakorn of them because this LAKORN is not a romance, no it is not a romance, yes they are a couple, yes they do kiss but this lakorn is not focused on one genre, explaining my heading, this lakorn has tried to be a romance lakorn, revenge, action, thriller but in the end all it is a mix of these things but they do not coincide with each other to be called a genre, these elements are weird and the directors at some point messed up because in the start it was definitely more than a mess. Either because Ch3's repeated cutting of episodes or because of the script but since Meena has been introduced this lakorn is only compromised of plot twist's and although this lakorn as seen in the comment section has a lot of fan theories, if the directors had calculated their math seriously, or at least read fan's theories this lakorn would be a 10 already, since the fan's in MDL have better ideas than what the directors tried with the plot twists, definitely making this lakorn a twist up and pent up mess. At the start, this was very addicting and still is (at 16 episodes; still ongoing) but the problem is, the romance development which many people came for is still unfulfilled for, yes we might get more romance moments, but at this moment I feel pent up with the missed potential this lakorn has. Despite all of these, our characters do have some depth and I have to praise Yeena way too much, because she worked with crying, and not seeming like a baby, she had cried with depth she cried almost every episode, and her acting reminds me of Yaya in Kluen Cheewit, I love how Yeena depicted all of Jay with her heart and she was amazing for an actress working with this messy plot, her actions at the start might make you repulsed, or might make you dislike her ( I never did though) but as the lakorn goes on, you would realize she is one of the strongest, one of the rare nang ek's (FL) that make you like her more than the pra'ek (ML) since Jay is such a character with depth, she is a puff pastry and to uncover her you need to peel off all of her layers, and the result is Jay who is relatable, is she a pain in the ass? Yes, but is she likeable and badass? Also yes. I love how Yeena made her character relatable, I've not seen many actresses pulling of this role, and usually the pra'ek over power's them either way, but this was Yeena's show despite her screen time and I am officially a fan of her.

James Ji also did a great job, I've only seen him so far in Padiwaradda and Buang Hong but I feel like his acting that he did not showcase in those lakorns, he did here, he worked best with Ohm who at the start seems like a multi dimensional character, but due to missed opportunities turns to two dimensional, (Hey at least he has two sides to him compared to other Pra'eks) and despite his character taking turns he did truly amazing with what was given, and exceeded expectations which is a pity, but I am offically a fan and cannot wait for his next lakorn.

The supporting characters did a great job, and the actress for Meena did an amazing job, I wanted to kick her out of the screen and portrayed a woman with too many secrets that are despicable for her own self and the others around her perfectly. Gun reminded me of the secretary in Innocent Man who loves the female lead but get's kicked to the curb, although protecting her is his main goal not confessing his love, so he was very admirable I hope we get second male lead's like him more of them, although this time I did not feel much SLS because it was clear Jay and Gun have a brother and sister relationship in Jay's mind. He would have been a cute couple with Jee but now I don't think they will be paired together, maybe in the end implied as Jee is a cute girl and I hope in the end she is truly happy, same for Gun whether they will end up with each or not. As per comedic characters, Win and Viva were cute and I liked them. One character that should HAVE not given much thought or screen time to is Mr. Cannot keep it in his pant's (Suchart-Jay's Father who I don't like calling by his name because he should have been named Mr. Cannot Keep it in his Pant's but sadly he is not named as that.

If you want to watch this lakorn (I'm writing a CW Article on this do check it out when its out if you want for more depth, actually no this lakorn does not deserve it so this production is halted)

Positive Points
OST (It was Ch3's OST so it's great one of few things they can do well is this)
Mark (he is one of the cutest children in Lakorn Land even if his mom is a bitch he is well mannered and I don't know where he got those manners but he is the cutest pie ever, I want to boop his nose, ok sorry for ranting over the cuteness of Mark)

That's it
Also chemistry but we could explore that so no,

Final Verdict:
Do not watch your doing yourself a favor.

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Jark Sadtroo Soo Hua Jai
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Dec 19, 2020
19 of 19 episodes seen
Completed 9
Overall 9.5
Story 9.5
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 9.5
This review may contain spoilers

Enemy to the heart, turns out the direction to become lovers isn't too far.

Since I have nothing better to do, why not make a whole review revamped about my favorite lakorn Jark Sadtroo Soo Hua Jai (English Translation: From Enemy to the Heart)

Something to make clear: This is a slap kiss lakorn but sometimes people don't think so, imo definition in slap kiss there are forced kisses, forced seduction, and some sort of makjang, male chases female first. Don't turn back though, since you'll find yourself relaxed even if there are forced kisses, the slap kiss level on this is medium (more bolder than Kluen Cheevit, but less than Hua Jai Sila). So don't get warned with all of the slap kiss tags on there.

I'm deciding to make my review medium sized since it was a long one and I decided that making another review for my favorite lakorn is the best.

One word since I'll use this A LOT: Chemistry.

That's right chemistry makes it. The chemistry between Aum and Mik is burning hot that it burned my soul and body. They have the best chemistry in Channel 7 and though this is subjective, many people did love their chemistry and I might be the number one fan that loves the chemistry, of course again chemistry is subjective and people may have their picks.

If you somehow decide to torture yourself and miss out on this lakorn, by dropping it don't. Stay until at least episode 7 and if you don't feel the chemistry, your a tortured soul (Just Kidding, Am I? LOL).

Mik Thongraya as Jett I'll give 5 words since this is supposed to be a short review: Caring, Protective, Possessive, and madly in love with the female lead, oops I went over limit.

Aum Patcharapa as Sophita this time I will really give 5 words: Cold, Protective, Business Minded, Family Minded and oh a professional in rejecting Jett's feelings. (Just so you know there is a good 10 episodes where she decides that she likes the male lead, while he falls first in episode 5 or you think of it as 1 LOL).

Both of them have done the best, of course many Aum lakorns aren't subbed but she is the queen of lakorns in Thailand I don't know how well she acted in other lakorns but to this day I consider this as her best lakorn and Mik's as his best and my favorite, along with their best performance to date of what I saw with them. Mik thongraya is my second favorite actor in Thailand, and Aum is one of my favorite actresses due to this lakorn, that's how much chemistry lasts.

I don't think anyone could replace their chemistry and they are my top OTP in lakorn land and one of my top's in all of Asian drama land.

Supporting characters did what did they, gave us relief since there were many intense moments here. The villain's were stiff although I'd say Rawin did make a impact on me with his acting, and the twist to the villain is great. Rin did a great job as well.

Even after this airing in 2020, and now 2021 I still think this has a very unique plot, I LOVE IT! Hmu if you find something like this.

There were many sweet moments between the leads and I would say this did really focus on romance but with a touch of the action with the side. Jett imo, is a very twistable character so if you get annoyed or fearful of him at the start, understand that he is nothing compared with normal lakorn male leads, despite the forceful kisses and there isn't rape here although a uncomfortable almost willing.

The music is chef's kiss like the lakorn is, the title song represents the lakorn. The song by Nam Kula I had it on repeat, the first one just showed that Jett felt like he was in a one sided love waiting and waiting for the Sophita, and I outright loved it. The song by Lula shows Sophita's wavering in hate from love and I loved it.

This has a happy ending and I don't want to spoil more I already gave off plent.

Watch this give this a try, it's my favorite lakorn it can become yours too. There's nothing wrong with trying this, I mean I even made a review twice you can see my dedication into getting you to watch this, and usually Moonlight is the laziest person on earth.

I've rewatched this about 30 times so far and yes I'm crazy, I feel shy admitting this, I need wine now. The rewatch value is high for me and the chemistry doesn't die down EVER, oh and this has steamy kisses in lakorn world where we get half as**d kisses.

Have a glass of vodka because the starting is very hyped up and enjoy watching!

(Wait this got too long, OH SORRYZ (it was supposed to be short at first T-T)

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Ongoing 17/17
Bad Romeo
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Sep 10, 2022
17 of 17 episodes seen
Ongoing 0
Overall 9.5
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 8.5
This review may contain spoilers

Sometimes star crossed lovers can be cute.

Anne's newest production after waiting for 2 and half years for this production to air, Yaya Urassaya and Mario Maurer are back after their respective lakorns (Klin Klasong and Thong Ek Go watch Thong Ek if you want more of Mario!).

The story isn't something new but I like that most confrontations are consesual, and not like usual Thai lakorn slap and kiss.
I would say this story is angsty, light slap kiss, and mostly romance.

Mario and Yaya acted very well, and Yaya played her role to perfection as the innocent girl gone naive, dealing with her first love, heartbreak and how she deals with the events in life, but in the middle I did hope she escape from all this mess her dad, her family, her best friend and all the negative people around her including Kla for some episodes, thank fully that the romance redeemed Klla : )

Mario did excellent as Kla, strong headed, bad boy who was cute with Khim, strong headed with others, he deals with events in his life in a melodramatic way for a lakorn, he did great with the melodramatic scenes and he made me feel pitiful for him.

At first I did not feel great, with the instant love but I did love that there were plenty of sweet moments and much more substance that you should watch, in the lakorn and I was invested in everything ( Even now at 16 episodes)
This is possibly one of the best lakorns in 2022, and compared to TDA (The Deadly Affair; this one is the better one out of the two that had similar airing times).

The other supporting characters, such as Than (Who was a sweet guy I did like that he found his love), Lita (Who I don't like even now but she had chemistry with Than and if Khim forgave her, I guess I should too).
Khim's dad and Kla's step mom are evil, I don't understand this year with lakorns making daddy issues as a troupe but I guess it adds more substance more than the usual slap kiss arguments.

Mario and Yaya had holy smokes chemistry, and every time Kla touches Khim I get butterflies, and I am filled with anxiety. Mario and Yaya did amazing with creating chemistry with and I felt like this time Yaya really stepped out of boundries due to not being awkward and I appreciate her acting (Although I still am not a fan of her). Mario is someone that I became a fan of with Thong Ek and I love how he can play cute roles and bad boy roles greatly.

The supporting characters all did a great job. Shout out to Claire for being the best second female lead a lakorn can ask for, don't get me wrong I have seen nice second female leads before there are many and I love second female lead's but lakorns are different Nang Rai's are banshee's screaming bansheees: Usually there are three types the Smart Nang Rai (She is a screaming banshee, but also knows her tricks to capture the male lead's heart). Pitiful Nang Rai (She gets used by everyone leading her to be a screaming banshee to the male lead pra'ek because she can't target anyone else) Screaming Nang Rai and Woe me because I am pure evil nang rai. ( Som from Piang Chai Khon Nee mai Chai Poo Wised she will kill anyone for the male lead and by god if he rejects her I will cut him). Claire was not a Nang Rai (Evil second female lead) she was a human, that vied for love and when she knew that was not Kla she let him go, for herself to find her life and him to find his love. This was suprising but I loved Claire and Mint Ranchrawee in Praomook was the first time I saw Mint R. and I thought she had great acting skills, she proved herself with this lakorn with minimal screen time and she was a great second female lead. I loved her acting kills, and she was so pretty. Actually, Yaya, Aokbab, Mint R. are all so pretty which explains the visual pairing with Mario, the visual pairing is a treat on the eyes.

Any ways you should definitely this one out, Anne Thongprasom is a winner with this one! Cannot wait for her future productions.
Ch3 has detiorated after Thong EK (Possibly their one of the last best lakorns produced) and I am glad they will come back intor their strike with Bad Romeo, and Kaen Rak Salab Chata (Check that out Aom produced it and I am waiting for Suep Lab Mo Rabat very much because Aom is also a great producer). If more lakorns like Bad Romeo which have solid plots appear in lakorn land get out the popcorn cause I NEED TO WATCH.

Final statement: Go watch try it out! You might find it great, chemistry is what your looking for and there is heaps of it (Mark and Mario are now on the same level for me in terms of chemistry with Ya. OST is great and Mario serves his beautiful voice to a song go check it out!

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Ongoing 22/24
Stop! Miss Hua
8 people found this review helpful
Aug 17, 2021
22 of 24 episodes seen
Ongoing 0
Overall 6.5
Story 8.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 3.5
This review may contain spoilers
I'm having some chocolate and so I'm in a good mood so my review might or might not be changed overall : ). First of all, I would like to say this was a boring mess. I was very exicted for this drama after seeing Judy Qi in her other dramas, plus I have strong soft spot for rich female leads, so... I had high expectations which in return gave me a snooze fest.

The major plot hole in this the second male lead (Never thought I would be saying this sentence because I'm avid ambassador of give second male lead's a better chance, and Moonlight usually simps for second male leads although these days each one seems to be majorly annoying which is honestly a good thing since I will not get heartache or plan the murder plan for the female lead I'm not a violent person I swear.)

The second male lead get's more screen time than the main couple. It's the best I can explain it. His character is annoying and 14 episodes in, you will think to yourself that I need to drop this. I did not because I thought there were going to be some steamy ass kisses to the end of the drama but I have not gotten one, which is weird because Qi does take her kissing skills seriously but Ryan Zhang wasn't up for them or something.

As a fan of Judy Qi, I thought she did okay as the rich female lead, but to be fair not many actresses can portray a spoiled female lead as a person that is likable especially with such a childish female lead, it might be the script most likely but her performance was just okay to me. Ryan Zhang with his first actual male lead role, I think also did okay, his character was more well written than that of Qi's which is weird considering the drama's name is Stop! Miss Hua which tells you that the drama would be more about the female lead, though his character was well written and swoony, I did not feel much swoony maybe because he had a natural cold bad boy face or something, but compared to male lead's written in this way, like a protector of the female lead, I could name many more bodyguard male leads I would swoon about and he wouldn't be on my list. Supporting characters did their thing, I did like the acting of the female lead's brother and his character development, I would say his romance story got more romance than the main leads did, which is sad since I thought Qi and Zhang had well developed chemistry. The other side couple got less screen time so I don't have a developed opinion on them but they seemed like fillers, and if they did not maybe I would have liked them. The main leads don't have prominent romance, which is also a major plot hole which is misleading since this drama is marketed as a romantic comedy, though I'm not a huge fan I had my reasons for watching this as stated above, but in this drama I really wondered if the male lead was the second male lead because of the lack of sweet scenes with the female lead, and romantic development, it would have been fine if this drama had electrifying chemistry and more screen time as a couple falling in love, but although I do think that Qi and Zhang had pretty good chemistry, it was not electrifying and cannot keep me going, I thought I was going to drop it but I have two episodes left so why not. Compared to other slow burn romances, I cannot and could not like this drama and the romance portrayed between the two characters which is a shame because the original storyline is one of my personal favorites.

Okay enough enough ranting, I had to watch this in mute and with terrible subs but as things go with Moonlight, she does not mind RAWS and with her intermediate level in Chinese, she honestly does not care much. This was a time waste for me, and the chocolate is wearing off so I need some wine so I do not rant even more. I think I need to end this here, now get a glass of wine and gives cheers to her for writing this long review, and you reading it. You've worked hard
Score changed because Ending episodes were a joke. 7---> 6.5. Sorry Judy and Ryan!

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Ongoing 10/16
Khaen Rak Salap Chata
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Jul 5, 2021
10 of 16 episodes seen
Ongoing 0
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 10
This review may contain spoilers
Is it too early to write a review for this lakorn. I think the heck not, Listen I've been reviewing a heck load of dramas which are ongoing, it's never too early to write a review of what is the best lakorn that came out in 2021 so far. 2021 has not been the best year for lakorns, I admit or for Channel 3, the MVP of lakorns. This lakorn though, has beat everything for me that I have seen so far in lakorn land. Buckle up for this long review about the lakorn I loved, is it in one of my favorites? Holy crap it is.

Now for my own quote about this drama (so you can see how well I love it)
"Two lives, Two loves, switched forever. Life isn't something to take for granted. You never know when you'll lose it."-Moonlight
Was that a good quote? You tell me.

The Story Line
This is a unique storyline and something new for me, at least in lakorn land. I've seen body swap dramas who hasn't? But it's about two men with two lovers, and not the male lead and female lead, oh damn that sounds pretty interesting. I admit, that I've had my eye on this lakorn long before it even aired, and when I found it was airing I was happy. The storyline, the original plot is a unique and interesting tempting plotline and the script did not ruin it. Without a strong hold and grasping pace, of a script this could have been boring but I love how the writers deemed to make this lakorn to be. I've yet to see character development but Krating's character was developed and I can see why he is that way, and what the dark side to this lakorn is, with a deeper acknowledgement that a psychologist could find his charecter has a lot of layers and figure them out, Sadly I skipped out my psychology classes so your stuck to watching this lakorn to find out how he is character is, but it's not a sad thing buddy. The script+ plotline made me give it a 10 despite having a few clichés here and there but would it have been nearly as fun without those clichés, I don't think so, which means I'm not biased nor a non homo simp (support lgbtq+ just straight) for Namtarn and a simp for Alek, okay that last part is true but I'm not biased trust me.

The Acting + Chemistry (Holy crap! Have I found my new OTP for this year, my PFP tells me Yes)
__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Now to give the plotline and script justice, we need a exhilarating and Michelin star performance from the actors because without that, I would be sad. Am I sad? NO, N to the O, ah my favorite word! The cast did give me what I was looking for and more because my expectations were thrown in the trash because they were too low, (I had high expectations from the start before this lakorn even aired) because the cast really said you expectations were a chocolate cake, too low let me throw that in the trash, and whip up a new double layered, top tiered, millionaire dollar wedding cake. So it went from high to that's not high enough because we made a better thing that what your bird brain could even have expected. Now, I wasn't a fan of Alek nor Namtarn, and I've recently got into Krating due to Praomook, and Bua I like her with Pon, but after watching this I am a fan of Alek and Namtarn, and I do simp for them. Seriously can we talk about how Alek looks so damn handsome in here? Like a Disney prince. Oops sorry got off of track there for a second, but seriously...Okay okay.
The chemistry deserves another section, lowkey made I couldn't have a rating button for chemistry on this lakorn because if there was I would have rated it a 100000000000000000000000000/10. My PFP is the living existence for this. I LOVE the chemistry between Alek and Namtarn, they are the cutest couple I've seen all year (Cheng Cheng and Wen Rang Come Close Sorry!). Alex and Namtarn having this fitting aura to them, so when they come together, it's a bomb blast baby. I don't mean the ones that a kid pops, these are fireworks that a person just made when they want to propose to their significant other, those are the types of fireworks of chemistry they brought. so help me for god's sake when I say Alek and Namtarn have chemistry, they have damn amazing chemistry. I need another Alek and Namtarn lakorn in real life, if they aren't going to date in real life (Namtarn has as bf, She deserves a bf LOL). Right now the lakorn is a bit confusing and it's hard to figure out the endings of this lakorn (Episode 10) but if Alek and Namtarn don't end up at the end, I'm cutting my hair and going bald it's serious.
Okay enough enough about simping about Alek and Namtarn.
Our baby Krating deserves me to simp about him now.
Krating, what can I say Krating. Oh my god, this man acts amazingly well in this lakorn. For his main primetime lakorn with a first leading role in a primetime lakorn. Krating blew the acting out of the word acting, he did amazingly well with his character, it doesn't help that Krating absolutely 100 percent suits the role of a bad boy, and he's good looking (No can say deny, Good looking and amazingly handsome is a understatement for this guy). For his character though, Bad boy is definitely a understatement his character has layers and is possibly the most well written annoying guy character I've come across in lakorn land, and I can see the writers definitely took time for thinking about his character, and I bet you that did not regret making this character well written because Krating acts out the character if not better than how it is written. If you want to see his acting, watch this lakorn my word's cannot say any justice or give any justice to his acting. Trust me, you won't regret.
Woah, Long Review. I'll have to say bye with the music and rewatch value, I'm sad!

Music+ Rewatch Value
__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________The music is not bad, it's good. It suits the lakorn and it goes along with the lakorn well. I liked it, maybe people might have another opinion but I liked the title track and if it's good enough for me to listen to it on Youtube, you know it's not a bad OST. Then again, I have been liking Channel 3 lakorn OST's recently, listen and watch the lakorn to know. I loved this lakorn, I've been saying it in the comments (major spoilers there), and I've been saying it everywhere so you know what my rewatch value is for this lakorn, a 10/10, could I rate it 11/10 because I'm extra. Oh no MDL doesn't let you rate it like that. T-T.
__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________If you've made it down here, it means two things: I'm a good writer or you really want to see why I've rated this the way I've did. Well, if my LOVE for it wasn't convincing itself. Then just watch it for god's sake there's nothing wrong with giving this a try, either way my answer will be to get you to watch this I wrote this review just for that. Will I change my review? I don't think so, I've said all I needed to say and since there isn't major spoilers in here, if this lakorn doesn't get through major changes with the script and the ending, I'd probably say this is a safe review that I won't change. Have a nice day binging this lakorn! (Oh you better, or else it's your loss.
Here's to a glass of champagne for this yet another long and painful to read review from Moonlight!

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The Prince Who Turns into a Frog
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Jul 25, 2021
20 of 20 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 9.5
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Music 7.5
Rewatch Value 10
This review may contain spoilers
-------------------------------------------------------------♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥-------------
Overall Review: Cliché but brilliant, The Prince Who Turns Into Frog.

Is the title a misnomer? No.


This was one of my starting Taiwanese dramas, and to be fair since I wasn't too knowing of cliches I liked the whole plot, but what I didn't realize at the time was the plot included a lot of brillaintness and it wasn't all too cliche as I thought. For my 27th or more time rewatching this, I heard that Netlix had this off their shelves on July 31st so I decided to make a review before I'm stuck rewatching this in a poor quality. Ah, Netflix I trusted you.

This drama is very cliché, but also brilliant in a way they made fun of their own troupes to be honest and that was refreshing.

Double Amnesia handled in a funny way? Yes.

I have to give it to Ming Dao this time, I'm sorry Joe Chen I love you (in a non homo way, support lgbtq+ but I'm straight haha) and you are a great actress. Ming Dao, to this day I still remain as one of your fans.

2015 Moonlight was starting off with her obsession to Asian dramas, after encountering her first drama In Between (Taiwanese) she was hooked. This was her 4th drama, and one that strike her into the world of clichés as Moonlight had watched fairly refreshing dramas without many clichés before.

Let me start, Ming Dao acted perfectly as Shan Jun Hao and Dang Ou, that even our female lead had to accept that "they were not the same person." Jun Hao was our typical male lead, but I also thought that the writers were brilliant for making him this guy who was a typical male lead but you can see from the very start that there is more to him than our typical male lead. Dang Ou was the start of basically nice guy male leads at least in cliché dramas, these two could not be more than polar opposites and your probably not aware that the same person could be polar opposites unless they are diagnosed with Bipolar depression, to be honest I would have though Jun Hao was without the memory loss part.

Joe Chen and Ming Dao had amazing chemistry together, yes of course apart from the par kisses since it was 2005, Joe Chen has good chemistry with both Ming Dao, and Sam Wang. Though I prefer her with the former, I really enjoyed their chemistry and they are one of my cutest OTP's in T-drama land. Though, I might have to say Joe Chen has really enjoyable chemistry with all of her male lead's I could say she is a rare actress who was chemistry with everyone.

Of course, again we have our fair share of clichés and I think to truly enjoy this, you might need to be at the start of your drama career or looking for something normal in the fair of dramas (Cliché).

Even though this was very cliché, I thought they were brilliant in fact another drama which was brilliant but very cliché is My Name is Kim Sam Soon which is GREAT, you could also see that with our female lead here of course she has a heart of pure gold, but what's better is that she doesn't show it she conceals her emotions, she might come off as nosy, mean and annoying but once she meets Dang Ou who is a memory loss situation you can tell that she isn't someone who is a gold digger but someone who truly will protect her loved ones even if it means taking the bullet or losing a rich guy for them. Great acting by Joe Chen.

This is was a mega hit in Taiwan and I could see why.
Rewatch Value+ Music + Final Thoughts : Though it's generic and the music might be absolutely hilarious along with the drama, the romance and character will take you in for a brilliant surprise. To be honest, I'm not a person who even remotely looks for a romantic comedy at any time because I've fallen into the melodramatic terms a long time ago, but when I feel sad and when I need that cure of happiness I come to this to rewatch it, and since I've rewatched it 27 times, yes I'm crazy honestly if this isn't one of your first dramas I don't think you would be able to rewatch as many times as me, but 16 year old Moonlight went crazy for this mess, and 21 year old Moonlight is still crazy about this mess. It's truly a great feeling reviewing one of your starter dramas. Of course, I am a queen at rewatching stuff too. So when I heard Netflix was taking this off their shelf, I'm really sad so what can be better than rewatching it crazily. Moonlight, and other viewers brace yourself for poor quality whenever your going to watch this from now on unless you decide to start it right this moment, and I would recommend to do exactly that because you would rewatch it straight after because you would be sad Netflix is taking this off their shelves, MORE REWATCHING YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nothing can cheer you up more, I promise unless they are cute cats on youtube or your favorite Kpop Idol. Okay Enough, I made a long review you don't have hear more nonsense.
Here is to a glass of champagne, from another unplanned but long review from Moonlight!

⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁ུ۪ ❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ゚。┈┈⋆⋆┈┈。゚❃ུ۪ ❀ུ۪ ❁۪┈┈

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Ongoing 14/16
Doom at Your Service
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Jun 28, 2021
14 of 16 episodes seen
Ongoing 0
Overall 7.0
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 1.5
This review may contain spoilers
The original thought process was good but the drama itself...well read for yourself in my review about Doom at Your Service the most awaited Korean Drama for the first half of 2021.
I wanted to like this drama but I could not.
This is my first short review and I am not finished with this but I am sure I will not change it as there are only two more episodes left and it ends Tuesday.
The story is comparable to fantasy Korean Dramas like Goblin, Gu Family Book, any other mythical creatures dramas and I loved the layout but the plot writing and process of this drama is what seals the low deal for me.
The original story was pretty damn well thought out but the application is what failed.
I usually love secondary couples in dramas but I thought I could do without them here, about 75 percent of the time, the drama failed in representing the whole drama and the meaning of making the drama. Making it a messy and well dragged out drama.
I liked the cast, I love Seo In Guk and Park Bo young both are amazing actors and they acted very well and I feel like they could have possibly give me the potentially high rating I am actually giving it. I don't really care what other people say, but I like Lee Soo Hyuk and I think he is a good actor but his storyline wasn't great. I didn't feel the chemistry between Ji na and Joo Ik, it wasn't the best.
I really loved this drama at the start but it went down for me. In whole, if the main couple had gotten a better thought out process I could have learned to keep on loving this drama but it just seems like it tried to be Oh my God, it's Doom at Your Service best fantasy drama of 2021, but it went to a crappy version of any other mythical romance out there. I actually like My Roommate is a Guimho better and it has a similar plot but I couldn't like this drama. I am very sorry to Seo In Guk and Park Bo Young, and their wonderful acting and chemistry but I couldn't salvage this drama. Of course, I know people with otherwise different opinions but I hope you don't attack me on this review, I just didn't like this drama and the rating I am giving seems pretty high to me, (all the main couple) again if you liked this drama please don't come at me, we all have different opinions and let's not waste our time arguing. That is my final verdict on this drama and I loved the OST, I am a multifandom but my favorite favorite group is EXO and Baekhyun did not disappoint me, this had one of the best OST line up's in 2021, and I really will be visiting the MV's again to hear the songs. Have a nice day!

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Barb Rak Ta Lay Fun
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Oct 21, 2021
31 of 31 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 3.5
Story 1.5
Acting/Cast 9.0
Music 5.0
Rewatch Value 1.0
This review may contain spoilers

Abusive and Pyscho Male Lead

This was originally one that I was afraid to watch because I was afraid there was rape in it but since I saw the tags, and I saw no tags for rape I went through with this. Since there is no review why don't I just write one.

Despite there being no rape in it for a slap kiss lakorn it is a total waste.

Even Rak Rai being the draggiest and boring slap kiss lakorn is better than this one. The male lead in this one had no redeeming qualities, except that he did not rape the female lead despite multiple attempts I'm sure he would have if something did not come up though. The male lead was a psycho completely, and abusive. It was not romantic and the male lead did a great job in showing this, I would never want to be a such a twisted relationship, if this lakorn did not have a happy ending and instead was portraying a sad ending because it wanted to show that toxic slap kiss relationships like this are not supposed to work out, I'd probably raise this to a 9 no kidding but since this lakorn was made to show the assaults, and the psycho male lead as romantic I'd say please run away from this lakorn. The male lead was a a cheater, displayed emotional abuse, and tortured the female lead in a horrible manner, there was no rape but the emotional trauma he displayed was almost on the same level (I cannot speak as I am not a victim but there was a lot of emotional trauma in this please do not be offended, I just need something to compare it with). He gets about 30 minutes of screen time redeeming himself in the end because he loves her, and he cannot live without her, when one hour again he was trying to torture the female lead so I did not get the redeeming and also he might have gotten more redeeming than what some lakorn male lead's do but the screen time does not match up to what he did to her.
Ah our female lead I have nothing more to say than she started off strong, but as most lakorn slap kiss female lead's go through, she is a subject of abuse and weakness and loses her weakness once she falls in love. Although she couldn't do something, when she was being tortured she was still a bit stronger than her lakorn counterparts and at least she was just devoid of emotion at that point at least that is how she acted; only thing she cared about was her father which again he went through so much torture by the male lead that by the end both FL's father and FL were suicidal. After getting kidnapped by the male lead, and escaping her doormat female lead came through, and just because he loves her she forgives him, which I cannot see how she would ever but that is lakorn female lead's to her. I like the actress and she did a decent job in portraying herself as this female lead.

There was a secondary couple that I didn't care much about really but nothing you should try out just for them because it seemed like a toxic relationship too. Instead this time it was more of the second female lead being plain out rude to the second male lead, not much screen time, not much chemistry and not much worth of watching for.
They did a okay job at this, the secondary characters. The Nang rai did what she did, but I pitied her a bit since the male lead was cheating on her, but then again what kind of mental asylum patient would want the male lead, oh I forgot there's a human/banshee called Nang Rai (Second Evil Female Lead). She didn't stand out much compared to some Nang Rai's (Bee Namthip in Buang Hong, Mint N. in Raeng Pradtanaha, Nychaa in Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised (This one is batshit crazy) ). Maybe it was the way her character was written but no nothing I would put in my top 10 Nang rai list. (Yes I have one, don't judge).

Male lead had no personality except for revenge, if I were to rate him in terms of revenge I would say 1 billion because usually revenge lakorns have Stockholm syndrome and less revenge, but this one was the unstomachable type of revenge. Now don't get me wrong because I love revenge dramas and lakorns but the way he took revenge was plain out right nasty, not rational, and the male lead was dumb. It is sad because this lakorn had a cute funny start to it, and both characters had a personality, surprisingly but it was ruined to become a typical horrible lakorn. I don't know why I decided to watch it thoroughly, maybe to write this heck of a long review just kidding, the revenge starts off pretty late in this one and that's when pyscho male lead comes out so since there was just a short time left, maybe I was just like let me finish this. Well it was a time waste and run away. For yourself, *your mind inside: Please do not watch this You: Okay your mind inside: oh my god your doing me a favor).
3.5 stars overall only because the actors did a great job, especially the male lead Satra, and I don't think music stood out to me so honestly I forgot so it get's a 5.0 nothing of the normal great Ch3 music.

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Ongoing 11/18
Song Sanaeha
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Jun 11, 2021
11 of 18 episodes seen
Ongoing 7
Overall 7.5
Story 8.0
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 6.0
This review may contain spoilers

Two twins as different as Sun and Moon, Will they even care about each other or not?

I wrote a review while its ongoing (not my final review) cause I can and I really want to bring out my long elongated thoughts about this lakorn, this won't be my final review if I get to even continue this lakorn.

At first, I thought Kimmy and James Ma what could go wrong? Nothing could make my rating change from 10 to something else?
Well the ultimate problem is the scriptwriters, if you though Mia Jpum Pen was a lakorn for no respect for womankind your going to see something different in Song Sanaeha, despite that why the hell in the world did I even rate this lakorn the high score I gave it, For starters no I have not seen Mia Jpum Pen ( I used that as a reference since in that one people were pissed off at the treatment of woman in the lakorn).

Let me start off before you think I'm crazy woman who doesn't know how to rate and analyze lakorns, Kimberley and James Ma still have the explosive chemistry they had in Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised. Okay right, but is only chemistry going to save the day, that just cannot be all right? So what if they have amazing chemistry that burns the screen, the main problem with the script and how the drama is paced out to be cannot be ignored right. Yes, I agree with you but if you know and watch Kimberley. You know one thing: is that her acting can make a trash can cry, yes that's right even a trash can. Kimberley is such a brilliant actress, that when she put in her all into this lakorn, I just cannot bring my heart to rate this lakorn lower with all of the things I have to praise Kimberley for.
Don't believe me?
Go watch one of the FINS that Channel 3 released of Song Sanaeha.
She plays Duen Yard to perfection
She plays Pi to perfection. (God knows how many Thai Lakorns I have to watch to get used to the good twin's name, Its too complicated coming from an Asian American who has a long name herself)

She cries
She makes us pity her
She makes us hate her
and most importantly
She does while looking like a absolute queen.
I am a fan of Kimberley, she is one of my favorite actresses but I won't say this if I am biased of her this lakorn would get a 10 no shit but no I am not biased I need to point out what a mess crack added addicting but bad for you lakorn this is.
Okay enough, simping over Kimberley,
The rest of cast does an absolute perfection too, James Ma plays Warit as his nice guy role (Not really nice now though) I've seen him play nice guy roles and might I say he plays them convincingly better than James Ji at nice guy roles, please don't hunt me down. Golf Pichaya stood out to me because might I say I hate him, his acting makes me despise him I could never look at Golf as a another cutie who is Mike's twin, and simp over him because he plays his role to perfection here and adds evilness with a great kick of "I hate this man why isn't he in jail yet role.", so yes he did the best out of supporting roles here. Songchai is the guy who you just hate for no reason even without a background story, and the actor did a old guy role as he is a old guy, pretty well. Namcha, her charecter here is useless but Namcha is a great actress I'll give her that, if I didn't watch her as a nice woman in Rak kan panlawan, I could swear here that I would hate her with all of my heart, she is just so annoying and terrible as a Nang Rai, that you can say she does her Nang Rai role to perfection. Bussaba is a new actress I have never seen before, she is also convincing as a woman with physcopatic inferences, she is the common "Daddy's girl with a few problems, or many" and if she makes me thinks she is on drugs, I can say she did her role well. Pee is just the sweetest second lead guy and the actor playing him is a diehard fan of Kim so I can see a little bit of shaking in role, but for his debut he did damn well, though not as well as the others oh well, its the suffering of being a fan of Kimmy lol.
The whole cast did a great addition to Kimberley's acting so I couldn't bear to give this lakorn less than a 7.5.

All of this makes it a addicting lakorn and on crack type of lakorn.
Now, after I get through the positive point of this lakorn
Here is the oh so long negative part of the lakorn.
All the men are horny, if you've seen the comments you can see how many people agree.
The male lead is a horny, two timer who is attracted to Duen (at least we can see it in the way he looks at her)
Heavy Heavy Indigestible Slap and Kiss from almost every male in this lakorn.
Can I just leave out Pee from all of this? He such a sweet guy, Pi and Pee and Duen should run away from the toxicity the other characters are.
From the start, there is focus on other characters for example, it takes 10 episodes really for Pi and Warit to get together and build a ship, only to be ruined by Duen.
Dragging the lakorn out unnecessarily , thanks writers.
Duen gets raped so many times, she starts raping others.
Again, thank you writers.
Kind of boring.
Writers don't know the difference from a rapist and a ex boyfriend.
In writers mind, for a person to be evil they need to sleep with everyone or get raped by everyone, get labeled as a slut and hate your own sister for no reason while actually not even hating her but having jealousy. Sorry but if you guys tried to make Duen evil so far, its not working, so far I feel pity and want to take her to a rehab center despite her not being on drugs.
I promised in my life, I wouldn't watch a lakorn with rape in as long as the Main guy doesn't rape anyone but sorry Warit you got raped and I can see you raping Duen or Pi in the near future, thats why I may drop this lakorn and am writing a review beforehand, so you guys can see if this lakorn will have negative ratings in the future, that you guys can at least see the acting and greatness of the cast since I believe people might ignore the greatness of the cast and skip over to the flaws of this lakorn, and so I want to make sure this review exists so people know this is not full trash. My suggestion if I continue to watch more: you should too, its still an addicting lakorn and its worth a try if you like makjang.
Oh and the OST deserves a 10, "Is it too much" Song for Song Sanaeha is addicting and is amazing, I was like this lakorn will be a hit due to this song, sadly the ratings in thailand not that great but the OST is the best.

Thanks for reading this long review if you did, and have fun if you decide to watch Song Sanaeha because your going through with a hell of a ride here.

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Raeng Pradtanaha
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Jun 28, 2021
15 of 15 episodes seen
Completed 1
Overall 9.5
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 10
Music 9.0
Rewatch Value 10
This review may contain spoilers
This is my second favorite Thai Lakorn/Drama, I cannot believe I never made a review about this drama. I'll be writing a medium sized review so get buckled up for the world of pleasure that is Raeng Pratana.

Why do I love this drama?
The acting, I've never been a fan of Nadech. I respect him and this is the one lakorn which I have truly appreciated his acting to the fullest event (I've seen two lakorns of him-one with Mew and this one). Kimberley is already recognized for her acting which is truly award winning so no less I am a fan of her since this lakorn, the cast is well acted. I did not like the Nang Rai, Ravee obviously and I felt no remorse for her but she could act. The evil second male lead if you could call him that, Poowadon is acted by Alex Rendell for someone with his build (not saying it's bad he is an amazing guy and actor but his build is not that believable for a lakorn villain who are usually really buff and tall with a non baby face), I thought he was casted wrong for the character he was an evil rapist playboy who tries to win against Pit (Nadech's charecter), by using Ravee or Thae (Kimberley's character), and boy he played the role truly the best by the end I couldn't imagine anyone else to be this slimy jerk of a human being who should have been born as a trash can, I can say Alex Rendell has more to him, than what meets the eye. The rest of the supporting cast did a great job, and I can say I've never enjoyed a lakorn family more than Thae's. This lakorn is also a family part drama so I guess I really loved the acting of the whole cast. Kimberley and Nadech's chemistry, man they should get another section but this is a medium sized review so I need to keep it short, Kimberley and Nadech has this electrifying chemistry and I can say it lives up to expectations and they have chemistry that is definitely as good as Pon and Bua, Mark and Yaya's chemistry, Mik and Aum P (My favorite lakorn couple). This lakorn had no real kisses and without that even you should precede because there is fake ones sometimes, and also the couple never seems like brother and sister because holy cow if you put Nadech and Kimberley in a screen, your eyes will be on them and you'll feel burning and butterflies in your stomach and at this point you would be like: There is no way, they are not dating in real life. (I know I know, I love Mark Kim and I respect Nadech and Yaya but this was my first actual lakorn and I actually believed Nadech and Kimberley were together until I started googling them, I was sad and petty for 5 months no s*** but I became a better person lol). I honestly went into this lakorn, knowing nothing about Nadech and his ability not to kiss anyone than Yaya, and Channel 3 but I thought Nadech and Kim were going to steamy kiss in the first episode, and that's how good their chemistry is and I spilled the Tea. Imagine if Nadech and Kim paired up now with real kisses, it would shake the lakorn world (This is Nadech's highest rated lakorn even without Kisses, so I am not exaggerating) still waiting.
I love the plot. its probably something not really new but I loved it. I love how they loved each other for forever and I loved how they bickered but it was evident that they couldn't take their eyes off each other. I did not like how Pit felt that he did not deserve Thae due to simple status but its something I do see in Asian Movies and Dramas, being an Asian American myself. So I could let that slide.
Before you drop this at episode one, because even if you think Nadech and Kim have good chemistry but you cannot look past the spoiled female lead, think twice or triple times because Thae has some serious character development, by the end I loved Thae and was kind mad at Pit haha.
The characters were also complex so it takes sometime to get used to them turns out Pit isn't just our Nice Male Lead (though I would say he is least complex out of the main cast), but these characters are well written and its just amazing to think of how complex, and the dynamic change as the female lead at the start is your typical second female lead and the second female lead is the main female lead but it soon changes and I believed the essence was really amazingly caught and I loved this lakorn again.
I won't write more, and please watch this lakorn. Trust me I am doing you a favor, this is a long lakorn and dramacool has is uploaded within 30 episodes so if your at episode 16 and your like "No character development meh" remember that is only halfway into the lakorn, and it is a slow burn so...Never skip around with this drama if you do, you won't get to see changes. I hope my review and advice helped on you deciding if you should watch this lakorn or not because truly I recommend you to, now you don't have to follow me but it's your loss...LOL

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Le Coup de Foudre
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Oct 25, 2020
35 of 35 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 10
Story 10
Acting/Cast 10
Music 10
Rewatch Value 10
This review may contain spoilers

How is the one you admired when you were in high school doing now?

Let me start off by saying I loved this drama , it's nothing you haven't seen before your typical school to life drama but what makes this so interesting is that its the authors real life story. I loved this drama so much , that even though I have just watched I want to watch it again. None of the characters had a bad point and there wasn't your typical love triangle ( There might be for a little time but its not the main focus point of the story) Each character had redeemed himself or herself and none of the characters were frustrating at period of times( Except the actual father that guy is shit). I was more focused on the secondary couple, Qiaoyi's brother and her friend, Guanchao and Wuyi. They were so cute and they focused on all of the couples a lot not just the main and as a second lead or second couple enthusiast I really loved their story. The acting was very good and none of the character's were stiff in their acting, except maybe the main lead but it's understandable because the main lead's character Yan mo started off very one dimensional I feel like he would not have changed if Qiao yi didn't make such a huge impact on his life. This story can be compared to A love so beautiful but the secondary couple is so different. The difference between aslb and Le Coup de Foudre is the female lead didn't really show off that she liked the main lead it was both like both of them were crushing on each other but were in a point where they didn't know it was true feelings and the female lead kind of tried to avoid male lead at start. I loved the secondary couple so much though , The secondary female lead Hao Wuyi I have to compliment her acting this was her first time as a main lead role ( though she was secondary female lead role) but her acting was really good and the secondary couple had more chemistry and romance than the main leads though the Main lead's had very good chemistry. I feel like the second leads stole the show . I loved their story and how they had developed. It's hard to believe that they aren't dating in real life ( Second leads, Eden Zhao and Ma li maybe you are? I hope so lol). Along with the romance this drama has great character development and meaning of family and youth. I really loved this drama I hope you watch this drama! Do yourself a favor and don't miss out on this drama. (Btw, I don't really write reviews but this drama was that). The kiss scenes are also are one of the best kiss scenes in Chinese dramas. Even the surprise kisses are responded to well. The second leads kisses were amazing too. It's not the male lead kissing a stick it's male lead actually kissing female lead. So yes , This drama is amazing and makes you laugh out loud Watch it!!!( Btw , The main lead who are Zhao Zhiwei and Zhang Yujian are so hot I crush on them even now).

THE MUSIC: I still listen to the OST until now I watched this drama about 4 months ago. I was like almost done with dramas during this period and only cared about second leads and could not When I mean could not stand Love triangles during this time this drama ignited my passion again for dramas and second lead couples fully along with main this drama saved me, just like the music. From the song, Ma li sang Dearest friend (最相爱的朋友) which on YouTube includes a MV on Zhao Guanchao and Hao Wuyi! My favorite couple and song from dramaland OST'S Goblins Stay with me Beats it though, but its understandable. When I say there hasn't been a day without listening to the song, and even though I barely cry almost cry its not an understatement. Nevertheless, I loved all of the songs and they are always on my playlist the music definitely suits the drama, which is unique just as unique as the drama and relentlessly never fails to disappoint. When I say I got a MDL account just to write a review on Le Coup De Foudre It's not an understatement. Yes dearest friend is my favorite song, but you definitely have more the OST is that good.

I promise when I say that I would give up all the dramas in the world ( Which is amazingly hard You know dramalovers) Just to save the main couple and secondary couple if they couldn't be together. Which means what you should do now:

Also I am rewatching it now! After watching it two times in 4 months!! No matter how many times you watch this you would just wanna watch it again! The only downplus is the blurred lighting but sometimes it looked cool so don't drop this drama for silly reasons you will never find a drama where is there is basically no dislikeable character, no drag outs, not a lot of misunderstandings, and not a lot of cliches, with amazing elements of just life, not just romance but Family the dependence, the love, Friendship, never letting go, and Qiyi's and Guanchao's brother and sister Twin relationship!!!!

Also if you love happy and satisfying endings! Drama for you! This drama has a lot of elements, and they just pieced it so well together, it's an understatement! Even though, it might turn out to be slow paced every moment that leads up to the best part, are not to be missed since they are also the best parts of the drama. I usually find myself skipping main leads conflict after they get together but I loved the main couple and even though I loved the secondary couple more it just might be because I found Zhang Yujian's character just not really my type, though he had portrayed Yan mo in amazing sense and Yan mo isn't just another domineering CEO with PTSD with a poor female lead changing him, or just another cold male lead who treats the female lead unexplainably horrible. Yan mo I like him as much of Jiang Chen of ALSB or Sheng Huainan of Unrequited love though the latter might be my male lead type : ) But nevertheless you will also love the male lead even though Zhang Yujian was a bit not my type I still loved him which proves you will love this drama's characters and what it has to offer you.

If you read to the end, please just go watch two episodes this review took me a Good hour I promise you just watch two episodes and you won't stop! Also at the end of the drama or now just answer the question:

How is the one you admired during high school doing now?

WARNING: After this drama you won't want to watch dramas and still want more dramas even this drama is long for average drama viewers, I then whole heartedly recommend My Girl-2020 Chinese Drama!!

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Ongoing 14/15
1 people found this review helpful
Jul 3, 2021
14 of 15 episodes seen
Ongoing 0
Overall 6.5
Story 7.0
Acting/Cast 10
Music 8.0
Rewatch Value 3.0
This review may contain spoilers
Started off as one of the best dramas of 2021, but reduced to another of Channel 3's mess of a lakorn during 2021.
Praomook starring the popular couple Pon and Bua was expected to become the biggest hit of everyone's 2021 with lakorn land is reduced to a lakorn where the male lead (pra ek) and female lead (nang ek) have a tom and jerry relationship for 14 episodes. Now that's fine, I think most of us loved Tom and Jerry during our childhood but this lakorn doesn't even have the base of Tom and Jerry's relationship, only the bickering part. Now don't get me wrong I love a good bickering between a couple, but watching two people argue and misunderstand each other for 15 episodes x 2 hour episodes, is not FUN.

Bua and Pon have amazing chemistry, I love them together. I hope they date in real life but, I just cannot tolerate this lakorn I'm continuing only for their amazing chemistry.
Which is sad considering that I can see ALL of the cast put in such a effort in this lakorn only to be awarded by a horrible script and toxic relationships.
This lakorn is enmity of how a couple should and should not be, especially one that's still in the "courting stages". The male lead throws the female lead like she is a piece of trash for the second female lead and continue's to mistrust her now I've had my fair share of dramas in the past 6 years and I can understand if I was a newbie drama watcher but this seems like a version of the Korean Full House all over again and that's where the terrible script comes into place and I cannot continue to take this piece of lakorn seriously, it is boring. Repeat after me, BORING. I'm giving it a high score because of Pon and Bua. Plus for Krating's face and acting. Honestly every cast member did great, all of them have good chemistry with each other but even the chemistry cannot make me ship any character here. Even Petch who was the annoying sister did good here for her debut she had to make a sister that was annoying and petty and dislikable at the start and she did that without coming as cringy and is very believable at 23 years old, I would have never been able to do it if I was asked to act like a petty child but the actress did it well, and no matter what whoever says I did see character development not that much but a subtle change that needed to have more and more change but still a turning point. I could have seen the Rut and Petch relationship work out since the actors themselves have chemistry for me but I don't see character chemistry, the desicion to make Petch 17 years old and Rut into her sister turned their whole relationship from a cute secondary couple to a "ugh, why are they even paired together anymore? Could I have her with Poom? and can Rut just be with Mook?". After all of that, again I need to give a hands off clapping for the actors Bua and Pon who managed with this script despite it being one of the most shitty romantic drama scripts so far.
The character's and plot is what turned me off. Yes, contract marriages are common and honestly I've gotten used to them I'm fine with this troupe, but the script mixed in with this plot again really took things for a turn of worse. At the start, I was like "Oohh a cute contract marriage and with the pretending to be gay troupe! I wanna watch and Bua and Pon! oh mah gosh what more can I ask for", so as you can see this plot had so much more potential despite being cliche but there's no chance to save the plot because the godly writers who I just want to get their address (for thankful purposes jk I'm not a stalker and I am not violent), but the godly writers who decided to write Praomook, they did their job so well making me pissed off for all of the lakorn's duration, that they should be fired for such a great job they did at ruining the script. Wait? That wasn't their job? Then what was? To make the script good? Oh no no no no, the writers never did that they ruined it, isn't that their job though?. Before I go off into a rant all over again, I'll end the rant here.
Why did the script such so much?
I won't give much but having the male lead treat the female lead like a side piece, being all horny, imaging his ex girlfriend who is the cunning second female lead (nang rai) in here, isn't everyone's treat.
The female lead might not be everyone's treat either because she thinks of family last and treats seducing Lan as her main game, while being in love with him 24/7, she hasn't moved on from the male lead and is fine with getting treated as a trash bag as she comes back to him every time and that's what I got from this lakorn.
The first few episodes are not bad, but when it reaches episode 7 you can see this lakorn is well being dragged out and its fine if the lakorn were 22 episodes but Channel 3 decided to be stingy and reduce this lakorn to 15 episodes so everything is dragged out and unresolved, they have 25 things to fit into the last episode and I'll probably update my review if I get the time. There aren't much sweet scenes from the leads we came to watch as every sweet scene gets interrupted by the secondary cast so there's not a option of that, all you can do is FF and FF over and over again hoping to get one look from the male lead but then you get tired and go to sleep.
After my harsh review, over the negative points. You probably know what my resolution on this but you can see the FIN scenes on Channel 3 to decide on your own, who knows maybe you'll like Praomook? and it's perfect for you. I liked the music, although repetitive I am grateful Pon decided to sing the male track version of one of the song's ใจเอ๋ย , and it was an normal soundtrack nothing bad but nothing like Eternal Love's OST and who knows I may put these into my Spotify playlist so the music was not bad LOL. If you decide to watch Praomook, Good Luck! and please remember to take ibuprofen before starting some episodes.

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