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My first love for Asian drama started with Japanese drama series "With Love" staring Takenouchi Yutaka (as Hasegawa  Takashi @ Hata San) and Tanaka Misato (as Murakami Amane @ Teruterubozu) in 1998.   d(^_^)b

It has been 20 years since I started watching Asian drama (mostly from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China, and sometimes from Hong Kong), and still counting for more years in the future.    p(^_^)q

"You don't have to be beautiful to be loved. When you love someone, that person looks beautiful to you." - Mo Nan Hee's omma (from Korean drama, Queen Of The Ring)

"The world is like a mirror. If you spit and curse at it, the world will spit and curse back at you. If you laugh, the world will follow and laugh with you, too." - Jung Shi Hyun a.k.a Doctor's Son (from Korean drama, Cruel City)

"Marrying someone, knowing whether you'll be happy or not, that's something nobody would know. Don't look for the answer. With every decision, the right and wrong answer co-exist. Wise people make a decision and work towards making it the right choice. Foolish people make a decision and regret, making it the wrong choice. The world has no right answer, but there is a process to making a decision the right answer." (from Korean drama, Emergency Couple)


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