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What is your favorite drama
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Hello,I am Taisha who is very new to this website.I watched my first K-drama on Netflix in July it was the drama named “Its okay not to be okay” and oh it had such a big plot twist at the end you would never expect in the begging and the second one was “My Name” that one really introduced me to k-drama‘s.I slowly discovered many k-drama‘s in the past time.I use to think that it would be very complex for me to get into this but now my Netflix is only K drama‘s and barely watch English shows anymore. I remeber when I finished those two I was so sad and whenever you finsh a drama I wish that I could forget the whole thing and watch it over again for those special butterflies in my stomach.Please get that I am very new to this.Somthing that K-drama has taught me is that you need to be patient.


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