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I'm Goxia, welcome to my little corner!

I started watching Asian dramas in 2016 and joined the MDL community in 2020 :) 

My favourite genres are: wuxia, adventure, historical, urban fantasy, crime & mystery, but I often watch dramas of other genres as well, as long as the story is interesting! I like especially the dramas which include tropes such as: found family, friendships, smart leads, power couples, anti-heroes. I'm also a big fan of the time loop plot device ^^ 

I can't stand childish, petty, scheming and obsessive characters. Usually I'm not into horrors, medical and legal dramas, contemporary romances and xianxia, unless there is an atypical twist to them :)

>> List of my favourite dramas 

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From time to time I also watch anime and donghua, read webnovels, manhua and manga. I like listening to OSTs, especially from Chinese costume dramas and donghua, especially from Zhou Shen ❤️❤️❤️

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Besides listening, watching and reading, sometimes I also do the writing! You can find my MDL articles here:

                              Or Not To Watch?                                                                 

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Feel free to message me, befriend me, ask for recommendations or anything else!

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Profile pic: promo photo of Nana's character in kdrama "Glitch" || Photo source: Jeffry Surianto


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