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 Love is love. ❤️

We are all human. Let’s celebrate and appreciate our differences and uniqueness :)

Discovered BL a few years ago and haven’t looked back since! 

I mainly watch BL series. Current faves are from Taiwan and Thailand & China ( even though they don’t show me everything I want, the novels are EPIC!)

The Untamed (I miss them... ❤️ Wei Wuxian/Lan Zhan)

GUARDIAN (Shen Wei/Zhao Yunlan)

I must have a thing for Weis :)

SOTUS for life!!

HiStory series : Make Our Days Count (by far the BEST but History keeps outdoing itself, so I’m sure there’ll be better ones to come...), Obsessed & Crossing the Line, among so many others. You can check out my list on my profile!

KPop fan since 2016. BTS & SEVENTEEN are my ultimate biases of all the bands I love.

 Bias: J-Hoooooppppeee! Bias wrecker(s): Jimin/V/Namjoon.

Bias: Hoshi & Woozi. Bias wreckers: The8 & Jun

Other faves: 

NCT (HaeCahn/Jaehyun), 

Stray Kids (Changbin)

Monsta X (Kihyun/Shownu), 

BigBang (GD), 

Pentagon (Kino).

Hamkke hae jusyeoseo gamsahamnida (Thanks for spending time with me! :))


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