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Oh My Venus korean drama review
Oh My Venus
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by Unnie25
Feb 16, 2016
16 of 16 episodes seen
Overall 8.0
Story 10.0
Acting/Cast 9.5
Music 7.0
Rewatch Value 7.5
Love, love,love!!!! It was so sweet from beginning to end. It was a very realistic kdrama dealing with real situations. I loved that the lead female wasn't a pushover or depressed just because she was fat. I loved that they made her so strong because in real life that's how women are. She had so many aspects to her personality. Also the relationship between the two females was well done. I usually don't like misunderstandings but theirs was a situation that could have happened in real life. I actually like that I was able to sympathize with both female characters. I really enjoyed how their relationship was so outwardly hostile. It was so refreshing to see!
I loved the relationship between the guys. Their friendship was so fun. The love between the leads was just so sweet and cute. I took. 5 points off because of the ending but it was not a deal breaker. The ending left me wanting more.
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