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Goblin and his Bride


Sunny and the Grim Reaper


Thailand Drama - Lakorn

The Clash - Culture Shock  /   Weak Hearts Sensitive Souls should Abstain

 It can be Nice, Entertaining & Enjoyable /  'Love & Hate' - After much argue, they finally fall for each other smoothly, but Lakorn is nothing delicacy!

Slap/Kiss .. She Slaps him, he brutally grab and force kiss her - ( For the viewers feel the excitement! They said in an interview. )

Conservative Country! Traditional Values! 'Maybe praying, giving Offering to monks and believing in lots of Superstitions & Spirits'. (Hypocritical!! No Real Kiss, Alcohol, BUT Rape & Violent Behavior are Very Well Accepted!

The Worst would be the Bad Acting, the Poorly Made, too much Rape & Joke, how it is Trivialize! Luckily It's not always the same, but when it happens they mostly follow the same schema:

Clichés & Story Line of Hit Lakorns in Thailand

 Rich Guy Poor Girl - Toxic Relationship !

Male Lead is a Caveman Rapist Kidnapper Psycho / Sickly Possessive & Obsessive - Action Justify by Love, Revenge or Misunderstanding ... Full of ill-manner who don't know the meaning Gentleness or Never learn how to be Respectful Chivalrous toward Women!

More likely Frustrated, Lustful or Mentally Sick Person who pretends to change into a loving person at the end, without external help...!

Female Lead is Innocent Naive Weak Submissive or 'Masochism' willing to endure and accept any Cruelty.

1st) Rich Spoiled Man meets Poor Innocent Girl who Hated Him.

 (They can like each other, but there always an 'issue/situation' so that the Man will become an Aggressive Brutal Caveman)

2nd) Rich Spoiled Man Vows to Win over the Heart of Poor Innocent Girl.

(The Girl never understands or see the intention of the caveman.)

3rd) Poor Innocent Girl won't give in to The Rich Spoiled Man.

(The girl fights more than reason)

  1. 4th) Along The Way there are Other Women (Evil Ones) Willingly Offering Themselves To the Rich Spoiled Man. 

( The Caveman never pays attention to them, or act to make the girl jealous, Evil Person always threatening, and requires the Girl to leave him )

- 4 (a)When the Girl is with another men, he turn into an Unimaginable Possessive Man.

More brutal assault, he wants a Total Control over her, cause in his crazy mind, he always gets the wrong idea and attribute to her all the worst crime) (hum, Sorry ... but Slavery is abolished)

5th) Rich Spoiled Man Rapes The Poor Innocent Girl (Sometimes More Than 1 Time).

( After many insults and both physical and mental aggression.)

- [The Rape, happen mostly during the kidnapping. Portray as a form of love, with the sadist of playing romantic music during the scene, while they are fighting, wrestling, he grabs & throws or push her brutally on the bed] (We can see it's not real, cause the guy stop ( some actors are good at faking it butPhysical brutality is real)  - ( Even if they both love each other, the girl is upset with the Man, she always plays hard to get and keeps on fighting )

6th) They are always Virgins before they Got Rape.

( Best Case he will Feel Guilt and Remorse Quickly after and Beg Pardon till the end.) 'No better option for Toxic One'

- [ In usual case, he will still molest/insult her. ( May be nice for a time, till the next issue] The Girl Victim accepts it, keep mum and doesn't have any Sequelae or Trauma!) Maybe some crying... but nothing heartbreaking

- Strange Thing! The Girl is More Calm after the Act, Seem Soften, but will still play hard to get and  fight during the next scenes!!! ( Mentally Sick)

7th) The Rapes Are Never Reported To The Cops Even Though It Takes Place a Million Times.

(*Thailand have 2 types of rape!!!

*(a) If a Stranger rape someone its criminal,  

*(b) But if a girl knows the guy or have a drink with a stranger and he rapes, it is called a "Consent Rape", Police are not willing to take any action, Victims are mostly blamed! Too much Rape case! )

8th) The Poor girl Always Get Pregnant After the Rape and Keep the Baby.

( After Rape, always the Pregnancy Question... ( Positive or Not) If he is Totally Into Her, No need a Positive. But for the Die-Hard Prehistoric Man, for sure, to show that the Caveman care after all!)

9th) The Girl gets Pregnant and starts Changing Her Mind and The Guy Turns 180 degrees Docile.

The Girl doesn't want the Caveman to know cause.. she wants his Love... not him to take Responsibility!! 

10th) Rich Spoiled Man Regrets His Actions and Tried to Win The Poor Girl Back.

( He should go to jail first, but no jail for rapist in) (The Caveman will realize he was wrong very late,(To late to apologize' nothing can help to excuse.) ( Even if she plays hard to get, The Girl will be influenced by His effort, cause.. she never stops loving him)

11th) Along the way some Evil Men & Women will try to Stop Him (Or Her). Expect to see a Lot Of B**** Slapping, Fighting and Screaming.

( Annoying characters) Just for the viewers feel that the Despicable Rapist Caveman and Innocent Victim should be together.

12th) Finally The Rich (No Longer Spoiled, Asked for Forgiveness) Man won The Heart Of The Poor  Girl.

After being treated like slave, shit, tortured, misjudged, used, and so on) all along the drama.. at the very last moment (the 2 last Ep or just half last Ep), He realized his wrongdoing and ask for pardon, asif it was a minor accident, she forgives him, cause he admitted his love for her) ( Yeah, too much love can kill)"Pls don't love me"

13th)They Both Married and "Lived Happily Ever After" In A Big House with all Families, lots of Cars & Servants...

Like a Fairy Tale!!! They will surely have lots of kids!!!

Except the 'Real' Evil Character!!! (sigh) all people will receive forgiveness

Cause if you Love, you must Understand Forgiveness! (End) Lakorn is Done

WoW! Such an Amazing Lesson of Life...! A Masterpiece who deserve lot of Awards!  No need Sub after some Lakorns, the plot remain basically the same.

This kind of **** had been broadcast in local TV, even export in different countries, without any parental guidance!!! Accessible at anytime since so many years now, No wonder Thailand reputation



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