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Hello!!! / 안녕하세요 (Annyeonghaseyo)

I am 28 years old and i have been watching dramas for almost 5 years. One day i was home...Bored and i went on Netflix and it recommended that i watched Flower Boy Ramen shop... and that's how i fell in the rabbit hole that is drama land

 Fast forward years later and i found this site >.<

And im Glad i did. I seriously thought i was the only weirdo out friends didn't really get why i liked dramas so much. but here i get to talk to a lot of cool people and Discuss dramas and kpop.

  • As fotrthe dramas i like to watch...
  • I usually go for Romcoms. I like cheesy/cringie dramas because lets face it, Thats shit doesn't happen in real life. So its fun to watch. I also like thrillers/ mystery... Nothing like a good mystery to keep you on your toes. A goof medical drama here and there.
  • And i have recently taken a liking to Historical dramas.


Some of my Favorite groups are.....


What got me into BTS was their skills. They are super talented and they have accomplished so much...i cant wait to see them grow more and flourish. 


where do i start?! They are the CoolKats of Kpop. Their music stands out and each of them as individuals are just awesome. They are genuine and they know how to have fun. Plus they always make me laugh.

So yeah If you are wondering what im watching you can check my feeds or message  me. i love meeting know people. And maybe we can recommend each other some good dramas or movies. (teheheh)

BYEEE!!!!! / 안녕( annyeong)


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