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f a v o r i t e   c h a r a c t e r s
cha ji won (flower of evil)lee ji an (my mister)
bae gyu ri (extracurricular)
age of youth season 1 squad
yea i love strong independent female leads.


i used to watch a lot of romcom dramas back in 2012 - 2017 i think (stats says i watch a lot of romcoms, so there's that). got sick of it because storylines were being repetitive, idealistic and pretty much predictable. then i discovered realistic or heavy themed dramas  around 2018 and loved it. i guess i was more of an idealist back then but now,,, a realist? lol idk 

anyway, i still watch romance dramas IF there's actually rawness and something interesting  in it.  (e.g. Go Back Couple, The Beauty Inside etc.)

after all, any dramas that have more realistic, authentic and raw themes are automatically a yes for me. (and by realistic, i don't necessarily mean not having fictional concepts but rather containing a realistic character development,  authentic human relationship, true to life storyline or character experiences.). 


most of the time, compelling and outstanding storylines come from true to life experiences

and sometimes this reality can be stranger than fiction.

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