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Hello! *Waves*

I am just someone who loves, MAD love movies and dramas as they are like my go to whenever I need to release all that stress. 

I wish to share my view on shows that I have completed watching with you and hope that my reviews will allow you to decide if you should watch it or just pass it.

On the side note, I only watch shows that have already finished airing as I am the type who is unable to wait for the next episode (it's torture). I watch shows based on the storyline (if it interests me) and what kind of shows I am looking for during that period. Even if the show isn't that popular or if it's a drama that finished airing a few years back I will still watch it so long it gets my attention. 

Everything I reviewed is just in my point of view and if you have any show related to those I have watched then let me know so I can watch it too! ^~^


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