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Hi everyone ! So I know some of you might be a bit turned away by what is written underneath, but do not worry, even if, of course, I have bad aspects, I remain the nice and funny one. I am open and kind of tend to know nothing of the usual social codes (aka straightforward in every ways). So yeah, do not fear to send me a message or comment, I do not bite....except in very specific situations... Oh and I offer a cookie to anyone actually able to read everything below. Have a nice day, stranger~ !

I've watched a fair amount of dramas and Asian life movies through the years ; introduced to it by a now deceased friend (loved it more than animes and mangas), I've never actually thought of joining a website like MDL (on the opposite of MAL, to which I am registered for years) ; until the day this account was created, naturally. However, it also means I have forgotten the title of over 90% of the dramas I've watched, leading to a rather thin and incomplete list. I consider it important to point out, because I know how important it is for some people to compare the amount (or the ratings), instead of what really counts : the arguments. 

I'll be frank, through all these years, I've never came across dramas or Asian life movies that particularly touched me, or that I could call really good. Even now I keep considering them as a lower kind of fiction ; I am honest, my point is not to hurt whoever drama lover is reading this, on the opposite, I want to be proven otherwise ! prove me I only came across the bad one, show me the masterpieces ! Theorically, no kind of fiction is lower or superior, they all have their strenghts and weaknesses, but so far, dramas only showed me one side of the coin ; introduce me to the other side. Telling me to simply watch the most hyped or highest rated is not enough, experience tought me they are rarelly reliable. Am I picky ? Am I hard to please ? every living being, it depends.

Actually, I have a theory of what is the core of the issues with dramas...most of them are still made while they air ; leading to obvious, drastic and badly done changes in the course of the story. I've witnessed it many times, stories with load of potential getting wasted as soon as the public reception and desires took over. If they were to finish it before actually airing it, these kind of issues would disappear and the average quality of all dramas would actually increase.

Aware that many are into idols, it may be good to point out I am not ; same regarding any kind of artists. It is very rare I am actually attached to any kind of artists and even when I am, I never enter a helpless fangirl state. Does it mean I never fangirl ? ....Anyone knowing me knows I do... My fangirling always take into account the character, and only that. And I can be in that state to the point of spamming too. Over and over.

I guess I should end this by adding fangirling stuff, but....nah....better not... (not like my icon isn't a showing off of my fangirling side already -wink, wink-) *cookie*


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