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Hello. I'm Neko! :3 I usually am very friendly, but also very sincere. However, you don't have to feel scared to speak to me. x'D You can chat with me in English, Italian or Romanian and I'll try to reply asap. :3 

Have to mention that I'm a big anime fan, I like anime (manga/manhwa) more than I like drama for the importance and focus they tend to give to "expressivity" and just concepts based on emotions more than story-telling. I'm always amazed how a bunch of 2D pixels or lines can sometimes make me more emotional about a certain situation than how I would be if I see the same situation in a drama with real people. The fact that I also studied animation and cinematography/scenography for a while made me appreciate these types of details a lot more than usual too, even though that also made me pickier.  I strongly think that anime is limitless in possibilities, there are no boundaries, no restrictions and it's an always changing media, always different, with its bad and good years like any other, but still never the same as before. 

For whoever wants to follow me on MAL link is below.

About dramas, first thing first I would like to mention something about my rating system when it comes to drama/movies or whatever show I watch. I don't tend to sugarcoat things or choose to ignore them just because the story has potential. I can come to forgive some stuff but never ignore them. You can say I follow a kind of objective-subjective type of system so I rarely give 10s. I can give a higher vote because of my subjectivity or biasery towards that particular show (because yes, I fangirl), but I strongly believe there should be a difference between "masterpieces" and all the rest, on my own personal level at least. I consider that most people get too easily pleased with certain fanservices or certain troupes to end up calling something a "masterpiece". Also, I don't think that most people give that much weight to words anymore as they should or try to understand the meaning of what they are saying. "Then when do you DO give 10s?" you might ask. I only give 10s when I was too busy concentrating on what was going on to bother caring about badly used cliches or badly used situations. If it makes me "buy" a certain story, a certain situation for what it is instead of pretending to be something it's not and manage to keep me involved I can get past my objectivity and give it a 10, if not, then it's just not IT.


Hmmm I dunno, but apparently it's turning out my fav actor became Lee Dong Wook 

--->> *insert Lee Dong Wook mini shrine here*  Work in Progress: Can't decide on a good picture or gif. =W=


I also became a big kpop fan! I stan BTS, ATEEZ, TXT. (ARMYs, ATINYs, MOAs, let's be friends!).  I also like and listen to many others like Stray Kids, BigBang, Seventeen, NCT, EXO, Oneus, AB6IX, Eric Nam, AKMU, LOONA, (G)i-dle, ITZY etc.

 My ultimate kpop bias is Park Jimin from BTS. 

ATEEZ bias = atm Yunho; bias wrecked by OT8; TXT bias: Yeonjun (and Taehyun and Soobin are high key bias wrecking me but I love them all!)

ME = Also trash for SKZ's Hyunjin.

TriviaApparently MinSeo is my Korean name. I have no idea how the website in question reached that conclusion but I'm not complaining. It just stuck, I guess lol. For the rest, I don't know. Meow, random stranger that read this far!


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