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Hello! Welcome to my space!

Just a 20 year old Canadian studying Urban Planning who loves to spend her free time watching dramas and doing random stuff!

I'm not too picky with my dramas since I like all types, although I do especially have a soft spot for mysteries, medical, comedies and just a tinge of melodrama- not necessarily mashed up together though, but if you have a good one, recommend me it!

I have only watched a few historical dramas since it hasn't really been my cup of tea, so I'm not quite experienced in that field :( I try to write reviews on the dramas I had watched, however of course it doesn't always work out.

Hobbies: Skating, drawing, playing the piano, bothering my friends and binge-watching a lot of kdramas and tv series!

Although I absolutely love kpop and all, I have a really bad habit of forgetting people's names, so don't expect me to list off a few bands/singers I like since I usually listen to anything, however I do love instrumental dramatic music. 

Small Blurb
I'm not sure whether my tendency to forget names are a blessing in the sense that I do not watch dramas based on the actors/actresses who are chosen to portray the characters. I've seen people watch dramas solely on bases of the actors' looks; which I do not have a problem with since I suppose you do feel more invested in a drama if they are attractive and I sometimes am guilty of that; however I try to be fair in that sense where I'll watch anything regardless of who was chosen or whether the actor/actresses are considered 'horrible' at acting since I believe that there's always improvements so they could be much better in an upcoming drama in comparison to their past acting skills.


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