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welcome !
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!! Wall of text ahead !!

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Hey~ I'm Rebekah, though you can call me Kori as well. Let's chat! Feel free to drop me a message if you wanna talk about dramas :)

I'm 18, and I got into dramas sometime in 2013. I also got my mom obsessed with them in 2014~2015 so we watch a lot of them together. Since maybe 2009, I was very into Japan's manga (and occasional anime!), but now I think I've fallen a bit too far into Korea...

Of course, I love dramas (be it Korean or Japanese or Chinese), but I also love Korean variety shows, and listen to a lot of music. Whether it's K-pop or ballads, I listen to everything.

I'm always on the hunt for new dramas to watch! Please send me recommendations! I'm not that picky, but I mainly want to watch stuff that's fresh and addicting and ones that are particularly unstressful and easy to watch! If you have any favorites or know a drama that isn't filled will cliches or one that really leaves an impact, definitely let me know!

I also am learning Korean. If you're also learning, let's practice together!
한국어를 배우고 있으면 저한테 메시지를 보내주세요!

Lastly, I art! I draw mostly idols but also occasionally draw actors haha. You can find me and my art on a lot of sites, so feel free to follow me or contact me anywhere!

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Since MDL is all about dramas... I thought I'd elaborate a bit on my faves, as well as my rating system (since everyone rates differently)!

As I said, I'm always open to recommendations. Though I watch mostly K-dramas, I'm looking to get into more J-dramas, along with Chinese and Taiwanese dramas! (Thai... I'll wait a bit before I get into those too. Too many dramas to watch lol).

I need fresh dramas though! Something that stirs the heart? Something that makes me smile like an idiot? Something that has me on edge for the whole drama? Something that will really affect me! I prefer to stay away from overly-frustrating or clichéd dramas, but if it's beautifully written and it's straight-up amazing, do let me know! ;;

My favorite genres are actually non-romantic. I especially love crime, medical, psychological, thriller dramas! Liar Game, Evil Minds, and Missing Noir M are some of my favorites in that category~ I love slice-of-life dramas too, especially if they're relatively light and addicting like the Reply series!

Of course, I watch movies too! If you know of a really good one, let me know!

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rating system

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Since we all rate kind of differently, I think it'd be good to explain how my ratings work! So before you shake your head at me for a really high or really low rating (in your eyes), definitely read this.

Then we can talk.

I rate dramas with the numbers representing the overall quality of shows, not on an isolated scale of K-dramas! Since a majority of shows aren't that good, I consider the average show a 5. In constrast--K-dramas tend to be pretty enjoyable, so I find the average quality of a drama is about a 7. They're usually good, and they're fun and watchable, so keep that in mind when you read my ratings!

I usually rate by feel, which is almost always a mixture of objectivity (concept, plot, characters, execution, acting) and subjectivity (cinematography (lol), actor bias, actually liking it/overlooking plot holes), of course. It's not entirely consistent though! Some dramas I rate more objectively, and others more subjectively...

Just because I liked it doesn't mean it will get a high rating, and just because it's a high rating doesn't mean I liked it.


Anyway, the actual breakdown of my ratings:

1 - 3 - I don't think I've rated anything at this level. I hope that something deserving this rating doesn't actually exist in the world though. This would be like, below below below below average lol.

4 - Really don't recommend. Essentially it's awful. It's below bearable, but it's bearable probably because it's so bad that you have to ask, "wow, who and why would someone make this?" Something you'd finish because you're in disbelief at how it could be so bad, but also what you'd watch with a scowl on your face. Maybe the acting was bad, the story was poorly put together, and/or it was really really boring.

5 - Don't recommend. It's the average of tv shows in the world, not K-dramas. It's not much better than a four, but it's probably got some semblance of a plot and is a bit more watchable. Unfortunately, it's also probably really really boring because it's not bad enough to continue, but it's not that good either. I would say it's like, "it wasn't good, and it was boring". Basically, it was a struggle. It's "kind of/pretty bad". It's below below average.

6 - Usually don't recommend. Just another step above a five. It's not as good as the average K-drama; there's probably a lot of drag and the story is likely boring. It's something to watch while you're also doing homework or drawing or something. Essentially, it's passable, but it's got enough flaws to make it somewhat unenjoyable...

7 - Sometimes recommend. 7s and 7.5s are probably the most common scores I've given. They may seem high if you rate with five as an average, but to me the average K-drama is enjoyable! So 7.5s rule my dramalist usually. In general, a seven is pretty cliched and doesn't have anything new to offer; the story might just be okay or stale... It was decent/cute enough.

8 - 9 - Almost always recommend. Reserved for dramas I really liked, or ones with good writing! (Or, like Goblin, dramas that tricked me because of an amazing concept and cinematography hiding the empty plot...(no I am not sorry)). These scores are ruled by subjectivity most of the times lol (cinematography really gets me to pull things up to an 8...). Eights are good; not great, but really enjoyable and well-done enough to look over whatever flaws may be present! 8.5s just missed that mark of "THIS IS GREAT" but usually are really really enjoyable. Nines are dramas with solid enough writing that I really loved. My faves! I just really enjoyed them--every moment of it SHINED, guys.

10 - I refuse to give anything a ten due to the fact that perfection is nonexistent. The closest I've gotten is the 9.5 with Evil Minds... (and no, it doesn't really deserve it but it was great so ;;)

There you go! My rating system explained! Of course, my scores don't always reflect my thoughts perfectly. I might hate something but give it props for execution, or I might love it but take away for flaws. Something I like might not be great, and something great I may not like (so me giving something an 8 isn't always subjective, and in the same way, 6 isn't always objective).

If you want to ask me my thoughts on a drama and WHY I rated it a certain way I will definitely let you know! You can also find some of my opinions in my feeds~ Just ask and I'll be glad to discuss a drama (civilly), and maybe we can chat about some of the analyzable stuff in it. *^*

faves, firsts, etc.

Some extra, kind of useless stuff!

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dramas & movies

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First / Favorite Korean Drama - My first ever K-drama was You're Beautiful (yes, everyone's first was either that or BOF), and I also count it as my first ever drama because it was what hooked me on dramas (though technically my first was Ouran). Since it's my first, the drama feels allow me to overlook its flaws... And for the favorite... A drama I just recently rewatched: It's Okay, That's Love.

First / Favorite Japanese Drama - Though I could say Hana Kimi was my first, I actually watched Ouran High School Host Club a long, long time ago, when I didn't know that dramas were actually a whole world (or a black hole, lol.) As for my favorite, definitely Nobuta wo Produce! I still have many more to see though~

First / Favorite Taiwanese/Chinese Drama - I don't really watch enough of either country's dramas (though I'm doing better with China haha). My first Taiwanese drama was Fabulous Boys, and China's was Love Me If You Dare. I think my favorite Chinese drama is definitely Evil Minds though! It's got the highest score in my list at the moment (though it's not my overall favorite, lol. hmmm)!

First / Favorite Korean Movie - I thought my first was Heartbreak Library but now I'm wondering whether it was Highway Star... Either way, it was way before I actually knew who Lee Dong Wook OR Cha Tae Hyun were lol! My favorite movie is probably Daisy though. I just really love it for some reason~

First / Favorite Japanese Movie - I might have watched a J-movie before, but I can't recall, so I'm thinking my first was Elevator Trap, a very fun but extremely bizarre movie! Definitely worth a watch, at least. As for my favorite, I feel like I haven't watched enough. Maybe A Clone Returns Home, just for it's weirdness alone? Or maybe If Cats disappeared From The World with it's beautiful but also bizarre concept.

First / Favorite Taiwanese/Chinese Movie - I haven't seen nearly enough from either country. ;; My first Taiwanese was Love In Disguise and my first (and also favorite, if we don't count Hong Kong's Infernal Affairs as Chinese) Chinese movie was Electric Shadows. I think my favorite Taiwanese movie (from the three I've seen, lol) is Secret.

You can find my favorite actors in my lists! I like to think that it’s pretty objective, since they’re all pretty good actors! You might not like their style of acting, of course, and I totally understand. That is, I'll understand your dislike of any actor… except Shin Sung Rok. :)))

(Don't touch him ;;)

Drama Priority List
the list that I don't ever use

Memory :: Bitter Blood :: LIAR GAME (Japan) :: Mr. Nietzsche In The Convenience Store :: A Gentleman's Dignity :: Can You Hear My Heart :: Face Maker :: Innocent Man :: My Beautiful Bride :: Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident :: SHARK :: Cain and Abel :: Nine: Nine Time Time Travel :: Gakistal :: 1 Liter of Tears :: Boku no Ita Jikan :: Nirvana in Fire :: Dear My Friends :: Marriage Contract

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I love variety shows. But I actually watch mostly music variety shows lol. Though I started off with Running Man, I think I abandoned that somewhere in the mid 200s (episode-wise)...

My favorite variety shows are Crime Scene, The Genius, Immortal Songs, Duet Song Festival, Abnormal Summit, and Society Game.

Along with the shows, I have some favorite people, lol (you can find them in my lists! I just love their personalities or gags or whatever--they’re just funny or dorky or sweet lol.

Also I made myself a list of shows because I need to keep track of them lol (it’s still more organized than keeping track in my list @[email protected]).


Variety Show List
(for my own sake lol)

The Genius :: God's Voice - Vocal War ::  Society Game S1  :: Duet Song Festival :: Crime Scene

Immortal Songs :: Fantastic Duo :: King of Mask Singer :: I Can See Your Voice :: Hidden Singer :: Running Man :: Family Outing :: Abnormal Summit :: Who’s The Murderer (China)

hold/will watch
Problematic Men (waiting on subs...) :: Witch Hunt (suuuubbbbbss) :: I Am A Singer (can't find S1) :: 100 Songs, 100 People :: Singing Battle :: Knowing Brothers  :: 2 Days 1 Night :: Secretly, Greatly

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current obsession

Jung Dong Ha (just him and everything around him lol)

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So, apparently most people get obsessed with K-pop and then find dramas... Well, I went backwards. After watching You're Beautiful, the first thing I did was obsess over that beautiful voice that sang Still in the OST.

Lee Hong Ki

So from there I was basically stuck on FTISLAND for months. They were my only exposure to K-pop (and they're not even K-pop lol) and I still remember having many of their songs on repeat... Essentially they were my first music obsession, until a long time later I suddenly came across BIGBANG (I knew of them, but I never liked any of the songs I heard enough to care) and the Monster MV.

There went my peaceful, mostly English except FTISLAND music life.
(Except, not really, since I listened to mostly utaites before K-pop lol)

Not that I'm complaining. I love beautiful guys and I love drawing them as well. ;)


Either way, BIGBANG dragged me into the other black hole of Korea, K-pop and I still live there. There are so many groups nowadays that I don't really keep up with them, but my favorite K-pop bands are BTS, FTISLAND (if they count as K-pop lol), VIXX, and BIGBANG. I mildly listen to but don't regularly keep up with a lot of other groups, like BTOB, EXO, GOT7, Block B, and a lot of others. (Did you notice I don't listen to girl groups? lol)

I actually don't listen to as much K-pop as I do to other Korean music though. Why?~ Because I am obsessed with quite a few solo singers and non-K-pop artists. Specifically Sung Si Kyung, Hong Kyung Min, and my biggest obsession Jung Dong Ha. I'm not kidding…

I'm really obsessed with Jung Dong Ha.


He used a drill to play a guitar, guys.

lol. Anyway, I listen to a lot of different Korean artists. Aside from my favorites above, I love Yoon Jong Shin, YB, John Park, Noel, Buzz, Crush, Standing Egg, Kim Gwang Seok, etc etc! A majority of my music also comes from Immortal Songs, King of Mask Singers, and Duet Song Festival performances! If you wanna chat about music, message me! Maybe we can find some new stuff to listen to!

Well, that's it.

thanks for reading !

I'll send you off with a cute gif~



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