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welcome !
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!! wall of text ahead !!

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heyo! i'm rebekah, or kori (whichever floats your boat). feel free to message me if you wanna talk about dramas! i'm 20 and i've been absorbed in asian dramas since sometime in 2013. on top of that, i got my mom obsessed (you can find her list here!) and we both try to watch some with my dad as well!

along with dramas, i watch way too many variety shows (specifically music shows) and listen to a lot of korean music.

i love to watch new dramas! please send me recommendations of your favorites! 

also, i'm learning Korean, so let's practice together!
한국어를 배우고 있으면 저한테 메시지를 보내주세요!

lastly, I draw! you can find me and my art on a lot of sites, so feel free to follow me or contact me anywhere!

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since MDL is all about dramas, i just thought i'd elaborate on my favorites as well as my rating system, since everyone rates differently!

my favorite genres are probably crime, medical, psychological, and thrillers! dramas like Liar Game, Evil Minds, and Missing Noir M are some of my favorites in that category. i also love slice-of-life dramas like the Reply series, or Age of Youth. slow burns and more mature dramas are my go to for romance, like Chocolate and When Camellia Blooms.

of course, i watch a lot of movies too. let me know your favorites!

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rating system

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for ratings... i think i try to rate according to the overall quality of shows! so if the average rating is 5, i think k-dramas are generally pretty enjoyable and good quality, so i consider the average kdrama a 7! that's mainly why a majority of my ratings are 7s.

i try to rate objectively (writing, acting, execution) but of course you can't leave out subjectivity when there are favorite actors, amazing cinematography, and just straight up ignoring plot holes... 

i guess what i'm saying is... just because I liked it doesn't mean it will get a high rating, and just because it's a high rating doesn't mean I liked it.


for an actual breakdown of my ratings:

1 - 3 - this is below below below below average, and i hope i never see something so poorly written that i'll have to give it this kind of rating!

4 - why??? :: really don't recommend - it's awful! it's below bearable, but it's somehow bearable because it's so bad that you have to ask, "wow, who and why would someone make this? and why can't i stop watching?" 

5 - 6 - kill me now :: don't recommend - the absolute average. so average, you'd rather watch a rated-4 drama because at least that's laughable. it wasn't good, it wasn't terrible, and it was boring. basically, it was a struggle. if it was a 6, maybe it's a little more watchable than a 5.

7 - nothing special :: sometimes recommend7s and 7.5s are probably the most common scores for me: they may seem high if you rate with 5 as an average, but to me the average drama is a 7 (since it's enjoyable enough)! a 7 is pretty cliched and doesn't have much new to offer, but it was decent/cute enough.

8 - 9 - yesssssss :: almost always recommend - 8s are above average, well-written or just fun dramas that i had a good time watching! (or, like Goblin, dramas that tricked me because of an amazing concept and cinematography hiding the empty plot...(don't @ me)). they're good, not great, but really enjoyable and the flaws can be overlooked! 8.5s just missed that mark of "THIS IS GREAT", while 9s and 9.5s just have... something. they're my faves, be it because of the characters, the writing, or the execution. I just really enjoyed them--every moment of it SHINED, guys.

10 - do they exist though? i haven't given anything a ten just because i think there isn't a perfect drama out there. the closest i've gotten is a 9.5, and even those there are plenty of problems haha. but they were so good!

bam! that's the breakdown. of course, my scores don't always reflect my thoughts perfectly: i might hate something but give it props for execution, or I might love it but take away for flaws. 

something I like might not be great, and something great I may not like 
(so me giving something an 8 isn't always subjective, and in the same way, 6 isn't always objective).

but please, if you wanna discuss and ask me my thoughts on a drama and WHY I rated it a certain way i'd be so happy to chat!

faves, firsts, etc.

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dramas, movies,  & actors

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(don't touch him ;;)


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korean drama/movie - my first drama? You're Beautiful (yes, everyone's first was either that or BOF). since it was the first, the drama feels allow me to overlook its flaws... for movies, i thought my first was Heartbreak Library but it might have been Highway Star... either way, it was way before i knew who Lee Dong Wook OR Cha Tae Hyun were!

japanese drama/movie - Hana Kimi was the first drama that i watched after I discovered dramas, but Ouran High School Host Club was the real first, from a long, long time ago before i know dramas were a thing. i think my first movie was Elevator Trap though!

taiwanese/chinese drama/movie - i don't watch much from either country, so hit me up with your favorites! for my firsts... my first taiwanese drama was Fabulous Boys and my first moview was Love In Disguise. as for china, it was Love Me If You Dare and Electric Shadows (both are worth a watch!).

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my fave from The Genius and Crime Scene--Hong Jin Ho

i love variety shows, but I mainly watch music variety shows! though I started off with Running Man, I think I abandoned that somewhere in the mid 200s (episode-wise)...

my favorite variety shows are Crime Scene, The Genius, Immortal Songs, Duet Song Festival, Abnormal Summit, and King of Mask Singer.

i also have some favorite people, who are just funny or dorky and absolutely entertaining. just love their personalities or gags or whatever--they’re funny or dorky or sweet and i can't help but want to watch them!

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actual obsession

Jung Dong Ha (and everything he does)

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Lee Hong Ki

thanks to my first drama being You're Beautiful, i get really obsessed with Hong Ki's OST Still, and from there, FTISLAND. it took a while for me to branch out, but BIGBANG was my next obsession, literally from the moment i heard Monster.

from there it just went downhill, and i listen to literally every type of korean music. from k-pop to ballads to r&b and folk, i probably know more korean songs than english! 

hit me up if you wanna share music! i love Crush, Dean, Sam Kim, Jung Dong Ha, Sung Si Kyung, BTS, VIXX, and maaaaaaany others... 

but my biggest obsession is Jung Dong Ha.

aside from the favorites above, i love Yoon Jong Shin, YB, John Park, Noel, Buzz, Crush, Standing Egg, Kim Gwang Seok, etc etc! a majority of my music also comes from Immortal Songs, King of Mask Singer, and Duet Song Festival performances!

if you made it this far, thanks for reading!



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