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Next to the Mediterranean Sea!


Next to the Mediterranean Sea!

You know I am who I am! 

Love me or hate me, it's up to you!

                               Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing well. I myself am kind of tangeled up in the threads of life. Wow, I sound so poetic!!! :D

Yay, been a member for more than 11 years now, but I can't catch up with all the drama anymore. Gone are the days I was watching 13-14 airing dramas a week. Gone are the days I knew who was who. 

Since Lady Corona reigned the world I was glued to the screen, yeah, teaching online lessons. My eye sight got worse due to that, so bad that I couldn't watch subs. Now, I'm out of the loop even though the youngsters now are all kind of drama-fans.

Everytime my silly fangirl students talk about kpop, drama, anime and stuff I want to join in. The problem is I don't know what they are watching or listening to. Sometimes a student asks me, what my fav drama is or what I can recommend.......

Ehm, those kiddos were born in the years 2008, 2007, 2006....

So they are the same age of some of my fav drama. Coffee Prince is a 2007 drama for example..I feel sooo old.

Since most of the drama have been made Netflix compatible I have difficulties watching them. They don't taste the same for me. What do you think?! Am I the only one thinking like that? 

I miss this world!!!!!

This is from dapınamyrs! Its so cute! Thanks!


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