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Next to the Mediterranean Sea!


Next to the Mediterranean Sea!

You know I am who I am! 

Love me or hate me, it's up to you!

                                   Drama-fan for life!

I first came upon drama through an anime magazin in Germany! They had an article about ItaKiss back in 1999.

But my very first watched drama was Goong and I'm still in love with it! 2008 became my year of drama, but it was not until 2009 AC/DC and Viki that my drama watching became an addiction!

Now I can't and don't want to get away from drama. While at university I watched up to 10-13 drama at the same time, but long gone are those times.

Being a teacher and all doesn't leave me with much time for my hobbies. 

My drama preferences?

I prefer more down to earth stuff, family, rom-coms and historical. Jdrama are my favorites, but I watch them not while airing most of the time, cause the subs take too long. Kdrama are fun and all sprakly. I watch them for the sparkle and to bring me to a different world. Jdrama bring me back! :)))

Lately, I read a lot of manga *reading manga since 1998*

If you have sth good for me to read, just tell me.

This is from dapınamyrs! Its so cute! Thanks!


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