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Wassup stranger.  Welcome to my profile!                                                                                                                                                          I like me some horror and bromance. Second-male leads are my thing.I like movies better than dramas.                          Because of this I ended up in this world (2012)                                                                                                                                    Currently into: VIXX, BTOB, UP10TION, HIGHLIGHT, TFBOYS,

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My ratings:

10- Masterpiece

9- Amazing.

8- Very nice.

7- Good but something was missing.

6-  Idk not that good but not that bad.

5- I didn't really like it but there was something good.

4- There were some good parts , but no more thanks.

3- It wasn't the worst.

2- Nope Nope Nope.

       1-  there was literally 1 good thing.

Not rated- I don't really know how much.

My favorite characters:

Wook - Scarlet heart ryeo 

Dong Cheol -Save Me

Damsari - Bridal mask 

Park Moo Yeong - Battleship Island

Favorite ships:

Jan Dan Bi and King Se Jong Yi Do - Splash Splash love

Dong Cheol and Im Sang Mi - Save me

Yoon Jin Myung and Park Jae Wan - Age of youth

                                     Lee Soo Myung and Ryu Seung Min - Shoot my heart

Hong Seol and Baek In Ho - Cheese in the trap

(All gifs are mine. Don't reupload without my permission.)

my youtube channels: Drama-Movie and  kpop


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