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New York


New York

Hi everyone! So I thought my profile looked dead and I wanted to finally add some info about myself. 

I got into Kdramas through Kpop and have been hooked since fall 2015. My first drama was Boys Over Flowers (which I feel is almost everyone's first drama). It was so cringe worthy and memey that I don't know why I continued watching dramas, but I'm so glad I did. The next drama I watched saved the whole genre for me. Secret Garden was and still is one of the best dramas (and television shows in general) that I have ever seen. It was perfect. To this day its one of only two shows that I have given a perfect 10 rating. Since then I've watched dramas good and bad, classic and new, loved and hated. My favorite drama to date is Goblin. I cried my eyes out every episode. Sad dramas are always my favorites so if you see a drama rated very highly on my list it's most likely because it made me cry.

As far as non Kdramas my favorite western TV show is Game of Thrones. I watch a ton of TV though so chances are I've seen anything you guys would want to talk about. I also went through a huge anime phase (which is kind of still ongoing). If you guys are interested here's the link to my myanimelist account.

As I mentioned at the beginning I also love Kpop (as you can probably tell from my profile picture). My ultimate bias is T.O.P (aka Choi Seunghyun) from Bigbang. My top three groups are  Bigbang (the ult bias group), DBSK (ot5 for life), and B1A4.  My top girl groups are SNSD, Sistar, and 2NE1. IU is my favorite female artist though. The group that got me into kpop was BTS, my first bias was Namjoon, and my first kpop song was Dope. I still love them a lot and Namjoon is still in my top three male biases. I literally listen to nothing but kpop so chances are I've heard of any group you know of. I'm a huge 2nd gen stan and cry every time one of my loves disbands or loses members.

  • First Drama: Boys Over Flowers
  • Favorite Drama: Goblin
  • Favorite Actor: Lee Joon Gi
  • Favorite Actress: Yoo In Na
  • Favorite OST: Melting (Love in the Moonlight - K.Will)

Also a note about my drama list: I use the Oh-Hold section for all the drama specials I've watched because otherwise it messes with my statistics in my Completed section. The drama specials aren't really on hold though, they're all completed. Feel free to add me and message me whenever!


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