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Hello everyone ~

About me:
- I'm from Eastern Finland
- I'm 22-year-old
- My zodiac sign is Aquarius
- I'm such a crybaby (with dramas and also in real life)
- I like k-pop but nowadays I listen to it pretty seldom - BIGBANG is still my favourite k-pop group ever
- I love animals and they're also my soft spot in dramas/movies
- My all time favourite non-Asian tv-series is Sex and The City (I have seen all the 6 seasons at least twice)
- I like Studio Ghibli's anime movies and my favourites are Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service and My Neighbour Totoro
- I also like Disney movies and my favourites are Pocahontas, Mulan, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid
- In addition to watching dramas I am a pole dancer and I like reading books
- One of my favourite authors is Stephen King and I'm reading his works in publication order
- I like playing Pokemon cards and also playing Pokemon GO with my phone
- My favourite foods are pizza, sushi and Chinese (and almost every Asian) food
- My favourite drinks are coffee and white wine
- Psychology is one of my favourite things and my dream is to study it in university

Dramas and me:
- I started wathing dramas in February, 2013
- I prefer korean dramas over other ones but recently I've started liking almost all the dramas, no matter what country they are from
- My drama mood comes and goes: sometimes I watch dramas everyday and then I might have one year break from them
- I would like to binge-watch dramas but I just can't because I find it too exhausting :D

My firsts:
1st drama ever: Poseidon
1st k-drama: Poseidon (but You're Beautiful got me hooked)
1st j-drama: xxxHolic
1st t-drama: Down with Love
1st thai-drama: The Best Twins

How I rate my dramas:
- 10/10: this was a masterpiece, I wouldn't chance a thing in this drama!
- 9-9.5/10: really good drama but there was just missing something - overall, a really enjoyable drama
- 8-8,5/10: nice and great drama to watch but there were also parts that weren't that good
- 7-7.5/10: pretty good drama but I got bored in some parts
- 6-6.5/10: not really a memorable drama, do not recommend
- 5-5.5/10: nope, just nope - not worth watching
- 4-4.5/10 or less: I have nothing to say about this drama because it was just so bad

You can send me a message or a friend request and we can discuss about our k-drama addiction!

~ Choi

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