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Hi everyone ~

At first, I wanna mention that English is not my native language. So I will make some mistakes (even tho I'm pretty fluent with it).

I'm pretty bad at trying to write anything interesting about myself but I'll try and also keep it short.. :D So, my name is Milja and I'm currently 21 years old. I live in Finland. I started watching dramas on 2013, somewhere around February. My first drama ever was the k-drama named Poseidon. A friend of mine was a huge fan of a k-pop group Super Junior back then so she told me about the Poseidon and wanted me to check it out. SuJu's Choi Siwon acts in that drama. I watched the whole series, even tho it wasn't very good. But then I wanted to watch more asian dramas and watched You're beautiful. And that's still the drama that I consider as my real first drama because it got me hooked into dramas after all. And I still love that drama and Jang Geun Suk is one of my favourite korean actors :D Since then I've watched dramas casually. Sometimes more and a lot and sometimes not that often. But every time that I haven't watched anything for a while and go back to them I realize why I love them so much! 

I do watch some non-Asian shows too but I usually watch them and the Asian dramas separetely. My absolute favourite non-Asian show is definitely Sex and the City and I've seen all the six seasons two times already! 

I mostly like to watch korean dramas, just because I think the korean language is beautiful and it sounds the most familiar to me. I was a huge k-pop fan when I was younger but nowadays I just listen a few groups. My all time favourite k-pop group is BIGBANG, definitely. Then I like VIXX, Girl's Day and 2NE1, but unfortunately they disbanded :/ My favourite solo artists are Jay Park and Tablo. In addition to my drama addiction, I pole dance on my freetime. I like reading books but usually I'm just too tired and not in a mood for that. And I'm also very interested in psychology and my dream is to get into university to study it as my major subject!

You can send me a message or a friend request and we can discuss about our k-drama addiction!

1st asian drama: Poseidon
1st korean drama: Poseidon (but You're Beautiful got me hooked)
1st japanese drama: xxxHolic (but Limit got me hooked)
1st taiwanese drama: Down with Love

Yes, I know: my first k-drama and j-drama are probably not the best ones to start with. But I was not so aware of all the great dramas out there so I just needed to start somewhere :D

~ Choi

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