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Hi, I'm Agnes, twenty something uni student from Poland.

I saw my first  Asian drama in 2016 (Flower Boy Next Door) but it actually wasn't until late 2017 that I watched the second one and eventually immersed in the world of Asian dramas, movies and music.  I'd appreciate you sending me recommendations :)

My favourite dramas are Age of Youth, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, A Love So Beautiful and Fight My Way.

I fall hard for dramas with bold female leads like Ji-Won from Age of Youth or Bong Soon from Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

I love dramas where main characters who were childhood friends end up falling in love with each other and staying together despite all odds, historical dramas with plot twists, office dramas where boss starts of as a jerk but lead character ends up falling for him/her, any drama with main characters being dedicated athletes and facing a lot of hardships. I normally don't go for sci-fi but I'm a sucker for time travelling dramas.

You can also find me on viki.

First Korean drama: Flower Boy Next Door

First Korean movie: My Sassy Girl

First Japanese drama: Good Morning Call

First Japanese movie: From Me to You

First Chinese drama: A Love So Beautiful

First Chinese movie: So I Married an Anti-Fan

First Taiwanese drama: Moon River

First Taiwanese movie: 

First Thai drama: Love Next Door

First Thai movie: Love by Chance

If you want to stay connected send me an invite, we can talk our favourite dramas :)


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