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I'm Yen.
I love listing things, watching dramas and shipping fictional characters.

I love Japanese, Chinese and Korean dramas in no particular order.  I'm specifically fond of manga-light novel-webtoon adaptations. I also love anime and manga !!! 

best of 2019, so far : 3 Nen A Gumi, Like a Flowing River, The Light in Your Eyes 

looking forward to: Novoland Eagle Flag, Rookie Historian, Moment of Eighteen, Held in the Lonely Castle, Like a Flowing River 2

< 2019 dramaworld wishlist >

[ ] Yoo Ah In drama comeback

[ ] Hirose Suzu and Takeuchi Ryoma in a rom-com project

] Liu Hao Ran's Novoland Eagle Flag airs this 2019

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• Mafia Game in Prison
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>> actors

- Hirose Suzu [JP]. THIS GIRL CAN DO ANYTHING from playing violin, doing competitive karuta, cheerdancing, and skateboarding. She challenges herself by playing unconventional roles. One of the best actresses in her generation. I love her s'much!

Recommended works: Chihayafuru films, anone, Our Little Sister, basically EVERYTHING

- Liu Hao Ran [CN]. He carefully picks his projects that's why he only did few dramas for years. A role model to the youth, he volunteers a lot and shows good performance in his studies. I hope he does more dramas often. He's mostly active in big screen.

Recommended works: Nirvana in Fire 2, With You

- Yoo Ah In [KR]. I don't think anyone can top his intense acting style. It's hard to escape from his commanding voice and expressions. His works are critically-acclaimed. One of the best actors, if not the best, in South Korea.

Recommended works: Six Flying Dragons, The Throne, Chicago Typewriter

>> dramas and films

Sound of the Desert, Chihayafuru films, Nirvana in Fire 1 & 2

Kahogo no Kahoko, Soul Mate, Ashes of Love

~ thanks for dropping by ~

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