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I'm Yen.
I love listing things, watching dramas and shipping fictional characters.

I love Japanese, Chinese and Korean dramas in no particular order.  I'm specifically fond of manga-light novel-webtoon adaptations. I also love anime and manga !!! 

best of 2020, so far : Joy of Life, Hot Stove League

looking forward to: Like a Flowing River 2, Love of a Lifetime

< 2020 dramaworld wishlist >

[ ] Yoo Ah In drama comeback

[ ] Hirose Suzu and Takeuchi Ryoma in a rom-com project

[ ] Liu Hao Ran's new drama

< favorites >

>> actors

- Hirose Suzu [JP]. THIS GIRL CAN DO ANYTHING from playing violin, doing competitive karuta, cheerdancing, and skateboarding. She challenges herself by playing unconventional roles. One of the best actresses in her generation. I love her s'much!

Recommended works: Chihayafuru films, anone, Our Little Sister, basically EVERYTHING

- Liu Hao Ran [CN]. He carefully picks his projects that's why he only did few dramas for years. A role model to the youth, he volunteers a lot and shows good performance in his studies. I hope he does more dramas often. He's mostly active in big screen.

Recommended works: Nirvana in Fire 2, With You

- Yoo Ah In [KR]. I don't think anyone can top his intense acting style. It's hard to escape from his commanding voice and expressions. His works are critically-acclaimed. One of the best actors, if not the best, in South Korea.

Recommended works: Six Flying Dragons, The Throne, Chicago Typewriter

 Takeuchi Ryoma, Kiyohara Kaya, Minami Hamabe, and Kitamura Takumi from Japan.

Baek Jinhee, Kim Dami, Byun Yohan, Jang Kiyong, Jin Ki Joo, and Ha Seokjin from SoKor.

Wang Kai, Liu Shishi, Zhou Dongyu, Deng Lun, and Jackson Yee from China.

Eddie Peng from Taiwan.

>> dramas and films

Sound of the Desert, Chihayafuru films, Nirvana in Fire 1 & 2

Kahogo no Kahoko, Soul Mate, Ashes of Love

~ thanks for dropping by ~

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