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Hello there! WELCOME to my profile!

My name is Ayumi. I love and enjoy watching Asian dramas...


especially dramas that makes me go wild and put me at the edge of my seat avatars/th_cute.gif

!  !  !

You got that right baby! 
like Gaksital ! ??? ( Bridal Mask )

Lee Kangto  sooo freakin' HOT! Animated/Smilies/th_AnimatedGIF-SmileywHeart.gif stills/animate images/th_2guns.gif

Moon Jowon

Seriously! he's got to be the coolest, most awesome, outstanding actor ever! It is not your average typical Korean drama...if you love ACTION, thriller, romance with a twist, then you must watch it immediately! This drama is incredible... breathtaking! Animated/Cute Little Things/th_kaosanimated2.gif 

You also must be kidding me if you haven't watched HANA YORI DANGO!     

It's the BEST DRAMA and the BEST VERSION for me!

O M G ! Cry~ Cry~ Cry~ animated gifs/th_kaos-brownusagi15.gif one of the best scenes!

I have to say I love romantic dramas, something that will make me burst into tears.
but I don't like   S A D Endings  at all! 

"I want them to be together . . . " emotions/th_stick-panda-emoticons-12.gif "WHY???????" cute label/th_11d644c7220g213.gif 
The most funny and unforgettable drama I've seen is probably HANA KIMI (Japanese Version) 

  it is immensely entertaining and the cast were lovable too! Animated/Cute Little Things/th_smjaponais19.gif 

I also like 'To The Beautiful' (Korean Ver.) Animated/Cute Little Things/th_smjaponais78.gif but then I got bored, Graphics/th_cutegif7.gif

some of the episodes were a bit dull and boring so I stopped watching it. I didn't feel the High School vibe and in Hana Kimi there's no one to hate, I just love every single one of em'

The Japanese version is definitely the BEST! Animated/Cute Little Things/th_smjaponais346.gif 

this drama wouldn't be as funny as hell without... 

Nakatsu ! ! !  (Ikuta Toma) emoticons/rabbit_cute/th_cute-rabbit28.gif cute label/th_11d644c7220g213.gif 

The most beautiful and one of my favourite actresses is 

Liu YiFei (Crystal Liu)
Beautiful, angelic and a natural beauty! I adore her so much, she's a goddess!

G u g u


Return of The Condor Heroes


???? / Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling By Each Step)
An unforgettable journey yet a beautiful story. . . animated icons/th_Butterfly.gif
"Autumn wind creates falling leaves. They all feel sorry for themselves. Not wishing to fall down, but unable to escape their fates." - Rouxi gifs/th_2443470uvxi1p01lr.gif

IMPORTANT NOTE: "Sorry guys if sometimes I don't reply immediately it's probably because I'm too busy with school, plus I don't go here too often but I do promise I'll reply to your comments or messages as soon as possible whenever I'll check my MDL account. If you have any questions then please don't hesitate to ask and I would love to recommend dramas/films I've seen and of course I would also love to receive drama recommendations from you. Drama/Film(Movie) genre I like: Historical, Wuxia, Fantasy, Romance, Comedy, Life, Friendship, School... sometimes I love a bit of Action and Martial Arts too! I'm also a K-POP lover and I do watch Korean Variety shows!"

Thank You for stopping by, please visit again! ayumi


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