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“I’m the type of girl that will go out and get wreck,

but would much rather stay in bed
watching a movie and have a drama and anime marathon. 

I'm the type who would stay late at night or even till morning just to finish a drama.
It may be weird for my friends that I'd always say I'm busy even though I'm not, just to watch a drama series.

That I don't care if I'm laughing out loud in the middle of the night or suddenly cry for the reason that the show I'm watching give me such emotion.

The girl who runs around for her friends and does whatever they want to do, even though they wouldn't do it for her. The girl who spends all her time fixing other peoples problem but cant fix her own. 
The girl that honestly doesn't know the difference between a good guy and a bad one because none showed her any better.
The girl that will fight for what she wants, but still needs someone to give her a reason to stick around, otherwise she walks away.

I'm that girl.! @mochadotchi


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