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Hi there! I am Blackstar_Aria a few things about me:

I may seem anti social, but I am really nice :) 

I have been watching dramas since 2007-2009, I was on the previous version of MDL (in 2010?); so i have been around for a long time. 

I am going through a historical Drama phase right now (2015- I guess its till eternity

I will watch anything remotely similar to Wuxia … so if you are down with supernatural or fantasy - I am your girl!

I love manga and anime live actions or adaptations

I almost always have a horrible case of SLS (Second lead syndrome), so i have to stay away from romance/tragedy, doctor's orders.

I really like Thai Dramas (Lakhorns) 

I miss the availability of Jdramas,  d-drama addicts and now DramaFever

I read a ton of manga/ manhwa/webtoons and watch animes. You can check out my anime list @ 

I hardly ever update my profile, but i am always around on MDL

I dont like giving dramas a 9 or 10 rating so if I do... It must be good. 

I only like reviewing titles that I have seen in their entirety and that have few reviews

Oh if you see blackstar_aria /blackstararia/ Bs_A anywhere on the web its me- so come say hello!


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