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Hey! I'm a 19 year-old CS major who happens to be falling into a major addiction to dramas. Before a bored me listened to Netflix and watched Train to Busan and While You Were Sleeping and was immediately drawn in to this world, I used to watch a lot more anime, TV shows in Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Malayalam (against my choice because my parents speak it) and of course English (its my primary language). I also watch all kinds of sports (mostly ones that I played competitively at some point in my life), especially football (the American kind), soccer, and basketball. Now, though, my entertainment is dominated by Dramaworld. As you scroll through my profile, note that clicking any GIF (apart from those I've used as transitions) or its caption will take you to the drama page it's associated with.

My Rating Style:

For me, the things that make up a great drama mainly lie in writing and plot construction, world building, acting ability of the leads, chemistry between the leads, an ensemble cast that elevates the show rather than detracting from it, and of course production value an an OST that enhances the mood.

In Numbers:

10: An absolute masterpiece
9.5: A banger, almost a masterpiece
9.0: A banger
8.5: A really great drama, just missing a bit
8.0: Somewhere between average and great
7.5: Your average drama
7.0: A slightly below average drama
6.5: A below average drama
6.0: I struggled to finish this
0-5.5: Dropped 100% no need for torture

Now, on to my taste :)

My Favorite Genres
My Favorite Tags
Tragic Past
Smart Male Lead
Strong Female Lead
Happy Ending

Dramas I've Rated a 10 (My Absolute Faves):

Movies I've Rated a 10:

Train To Busan

My Favorite Characters to Ever Grace My Screen:

Choi Du Il (The King)

My Favorite Actors/Actresses

Ji Chang WookSeo Ye Ji
Seo In GukShin Hye Sun
Jung Hae InJin Ki Joo
Yoo Seung HoKim So Hyun
Lee Jun HoBae Suzy

What I'm Currently Watching:

MDL Cult Member

(ask me for details in a DM)


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