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Fukuyado Honpo - Kyoto Love Story japanese drama review
Fukuyado Honpo - Kyoto Love Story
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by boutux
Jul 19, 2019
12 of 12 episodes seen
Overall 6.5
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 7.5
Music 5.5
Rewatch Value 5.5
I enjoyed this drama for the most part. The story of 3 sisters who are part of a historic family owned traditional sweet shop and the dilemma of which one would marry and take over the shop from their mother. It's a lot of pressure and expectation placed on all 3 girls even the youngest who is in jr. high. I think this drama gives us good insight into the scenic beauty and architecture of Kyoto, Japanese traditions ( we got a kabuki performance, tea ceremonies, flower arranging, geikos, caligraphy, food preparation etc.) and the importance and traditional symbolism of marriage in that culture. In the modern era, there is a push against such cultural traditions and that is well explored in the middle daughter Arare. Her relationship with her loving but authoritative mom is examined well. One of the things I loved the most is all the beautiful kimonos and yukatas worn throughout this drama by both male and female characters.

Of the three love stories being told my favorite was Arare and Kenji. I think their love story was well fleshed out. The chemistry between the actors is very much apparent and well acted even when they are arguing. Theirs was the most natural/realistic love story. I just wish there was more physical intimacy ( holding hands, kissing, etc.... my major gripe with J-dramas in general). Hana and Tomo's story was not well explored at all because when he moved away he didn't respond to her letters until the end. This was the love story I wanted to see develop the most but it was cut short before it even got to take off. There was the missed opportunity to show a teenage long distance romance in Japan but ...oh well... As a result, their end just wasn't satisfying or realistic. The worst, unexplained, unfathomable love story is between Hina and Hinoyama. The whole weird dynamic between him, his 'sister' and his mother should have been enough to send her running for the hills. I didn't believe she loved him or wanted to be with him nor did I believe he truly cared for her at any point in their story so their end result is just bizarre to me. The only other issue I have with this drama is its pacing. It is a bit slow through out. I imagine that a lot of people would get bored as a result and not give this drama a fair shot. Regardless it's a watchable/enjoyable drama.
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