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ANNYEONG!~   Introducing me: My name is Natália, but you can call me Nat and I'm from Brazil. I watch dramas since 2013 and I lovkdramas - they are my favorite!

           tumblr_oq6sedKr3l1qzg5t5o8_250.gif  tumblr_oq6sedKr3l1qzg5t5o3_250.gif  tumblr_oq6sedKr3l1qzg5t5o6_250.gif

                                                           Just my husband being cute and perfect as always! 

    Some more things about me... My first drama was Boys Over Flowers. I was able to bring my mother, my aunt and my friend to the dramaland, yay. I'm a little introverted and I'm not good with words although I really enjoy talking. I love making lists and I'm a bit strange but nice. And last but not least...


                                        MY MOTTO OF LIFE! /just kidding... or not/ Okay, bye!~

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