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Crete, Greece


Crete, Greece

Ok, so, first things first. I don't listen to K-Pop and even though I am vaguely aware of the existence of BTS, I know next to nothing about this genre of music and it is highly unlikely that this will change in the future. If you happen to stumble upon some cool Asian rock band , do let me know.

My favorite  drama & movie  genres are Supernatural, Mystery & Horror. 

I do enjoy the occasional rom-com although I have a slight allergy to the kind hearted and naive heroines. Dramas that include strong, independent, smart or unapologetically geeky female leads always get brownie points from me.

My current obsession is the Chinese Drama The Untamed. Fanfictions and cookies are welcome.

If for some unfathomable reason you are interested in my rating system, it's quite simple.

You won't find any drama ratings bellow 5 because if i am suffering THAT MUCH, the drama ends up on my dropped list, un-rated.

I mostly use 7s for dramas that were fine but I struggled to finish and 7.5s for dramas that were not fine but due to Jupiter trining Neptune or whatever, I binge watched and I actually had fun doing so.

8s and 9s are for those that were actually good and I wasn't counting down the episodes for them to come to end.

The rare 9.5s and 10s are my gems and if I ever get stuck on a desert island I'll pick them as the ones to bring along.

Very interesting information, I know.



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