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Hi everyone my real name is Kenny.  I have been watching dramas since 2015. My first ever drama I have watched was Nobuta Wo Produce and to this day is still my favorite drama ever since.  I came across a episode of it on YouTube back then and then I got hooked to Jdramas. Since then I have watched many Japanese Dramas and Movies. 

  • Other than Japanese dramas, I watch Chinese dramas or film. When I was younger, I loved watching the Once Upon A Time In China films. To this day I still love rewatching them and they are some of my favorites. Jet Li is a favorite actor of mine because of them. My favorite genre for Chinese dramas is Wuxia. Some of my favorite Cdramas are the Jin Yong adaptions(Condor Heroes 2017, Dragon Sabre 2019, and Side story of fox volant 2022).

  • Recently I started to watch Kdramas. I finally decided it was time to watch Kdramas. I also felt like I watched almost every Jdrama I could find. 

Jet Li as Wong Fei Hung -  "Once Upon a Time In China 3"

Jet Li as Wong Fei Hung -  "Once Upon a Time In China 2"

Jet Li and Rosamund Kwan -  "Once Upon a Time In China And America"

  • I also watched Super Sentai and Kamen Rider back then. I have watched a lot of the series but I am not caught up on the latest ones today. Super Sentai and Kamen Rider were the stepping stones to how I transitioned into watching Asian dramas. 

  • My last latest Kamen Rider series I watched was Kamen Rider Build and for Super Sentai it was Lupinranger vs Patranger. My favorites are Timeranger and Gokaiger while for Kamen Rider they are Kuuga, Wizard, and Build. 

Favorite Actors

Favorite Actresses 

  • Satoh Takeru

  • Ishihara Satomi

  • Kamenashi Kazuya

  • Horikita Maki

  • Kimura Takuya

  • Nagasawa Masami

  • Matsumoto Jun

  • Tsuchiya Tao

  • Nagase Tomoya

  • Nagano Mei

Japanese/Korean Dramas/Movies genres I love: 

  • Drama, Melodrama, Romance, Slice of Life, Friendship, Detective, Family, Action, and School. 

I love the drama/melodrama in my dramas than the comedy/fluff. It's why more of my favorite dramas are from years ago. 

Chinese Dramas/Movies Genres I love: 

  • Wuxia and Martial Arts along with genres above too.

My pet peeves(things I hate that turn me off from watching a drama)

  • The Rich man / poor woman plot. Only few dramas(e.g., Rich man, poor woman 2012) that I actually finished watching and enjoyed with this plot. It feels too cliché seeing it in almost any drama nowadays. ML might have no personality and same old cold type character. 

  • ML is a king, prince, god, master, emperor..... This hatred is mostly towards Cdramas. I don't enjoy watching a ML as someone with higher power/status already just to fall in love with the FL who is a disciple or commoner. I am not a fan of seeing the ML protect the FL numerous times, show no personality, is overpowered....

  • If I see the ML described as handsome or charming in the plot, that's an automatic turn off. 

  • Cowardly bullies - I don't mind the bully of the drama doing the bullying themself. But the ones that do it behind the MC's back(cyberbullying) or have other lackeys do it for them are lame. 

  • The ML and FL get together, break up, and then end up together. This plot is so predictable and can end up making the drama boring. I'm more of a fan when they slowly develop their relationship throughout the drama. Then at the end confess or get together instead of the breakup. Moments with the ML and FL when they aren't lovey-dovey yet brings out more of their relationship. Most times when I watch a drama when the 2 leads are a couple at the midpoint of the series, nothing interesting happens in the drama. 

  • The FL and ML meet for the first time only to misunderstand each other because the FL thinks the ML is a pervert. I don't find it funny and I think it's lazy writing. It ruins the tone after I just witness a emotional scene moments before to this. 

Favorite Japanese Dramas: 

  • Nobuta Wo Produce (2005

  • Tatta Hitotsu No Koi (2006) 

  • Rich Man, Poor Woman (2012)

Lists: I have more actors and actresses in my favorite lists you can check out. I make yearly watchlists of tracking down what I watch each year. I have lists of my favorite dramas, movies, or other things as well. 

Reviews: I don't write reviews much but when I choose to, it is because I really loved the drama or I really disliked it. Sometimes I will write comments of short reviews or thoughts below on the drama or movie page.

Rating scale: My rating scale might be higher than others but it is that an 8 is the normal score. If I finished a drama or movie and just liked it, I give it a 8. If I loved it the score increases. I think I might revise my rating scale back down 1, so 7 is the normal score of okay. 

I really enjoyed the Japanese Dramas from the 1990s and 2000s. 

Music: I like to listen to Jpop and Jrock or other Japanese songs. My favorite band is SCANDAL. Nobuta wo Produce led me to Kamenashi Kazuya then to KAT-TUN. I listened and liked older songs from KAT-TUN couple years ago and still do. I also was led to ARASHI and like some of their songs. But SCANDAL has become my favorite band to listen to. "Departure" and "Scandal Baby" are my favorite SCANDAL songs. 

I have recently gotten into Kpop. My favorite and first Kpop group I like to listen to is KARA. "Step" is my favorite song by KARA. My other favorite Kpop groups I like to listen to are SNSD, IVE, T-ARA, and AOA. My favorite SNSD song is "Lionheart" and my favorite T-ARA song is "Roly Poly". 


I also enjoy to watch Anime and have a MyAnimeList account as well. 




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