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About Me: (will fix this at a later time)

Hello, I'm not very good at talking about myself but I'm willing to give it a shot in a very unorganized, uneventful, annoying way. I'm a recent watcher as I just started watching in early September 2019 and the first series that I ever watched and completed was SOTUS (Thanks Netflix!) and that really jump-started my love for Thai Dramas and a whole new world basically.

So far, the only dramas I have watched have been Thai but I'm slowly starting to expand as I've just recently completed my first non-Thai drama, The Boy Next Door (South Korea) and it was a slow transition but I'll eventually branch out into more, I just gotta take it slow.

I'm currently trying to learn the Thai language as much as possible, self-teaching until I get settled enough to seek out official means of learning new languages. :)

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